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The "My games are suddenly trial games" and Indie Game solution Mini-FAQ

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7 years ago#11
I believe Yaris shows up as Unknown.
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7 years ago#12
*Marks as a sticky icky icky*
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7 years ago#13
If you download an arcade game on one account, but want to play it on another, how does that work?

Like others long as the license is transferred, any account can use it.

An alternative solution is to log in with the purchasing account on a different controller. That's it. The controller/Account that you want to play on will be able to use the DLC as long as the purchasing account is also logged into XBL on that xbox.
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7 years ago#14
Another thing... you can use the DLC on two 360s at the same time, legally. According to the Microsoft Terms of Use:

"The item you are trying to download is subject to useage restrictions. You can use this item on the first Xbox 360 console that you used to download it. Access to this item will also be granted to all users on this first console. If you transfer the item using a memory unit or other storage device, you will also be able to use it on Xbox 360 consoles, but you'll need to sign in to Xbox Live with your Xbox Live account on that console before accessing the item."

As stated, you can download the content, then move your account to another 360 and download it again, and use it on both 360s. Personally, I buy my map packs for both of my XBL accounts(since we move the accounts around, play LAN, stuff like that), but for some XBLA games I use this method.
We were, of course, all ninjas
6 years ago#15
Awesome, thank for the support guys!

If anyone has any other questions on this, feel free to ask here!
6 years ago#16
""I bought a new Hard Drive, do I need to migrate licenses?"

No, just recover your Gamertag and because your 360 still has the same serial number, a transfer is not necessary. You'll just need to redownload everything."

Wow, such bad advice. By telling people to do this and making out it's OK you're failing to inform them that they'll lose the majority (if not all) of their saves in the process. I made a topic just like this months ago (but slightly better and easier to understand without the appalingly bad advice) but nobody bothered to vote to sticky it.

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6 years ago#17
Well, thanks for including that information..could've done it without the hostility and bitterness though.

If they bought a new hard drive, there's no real way to get their saves on there unless they transfer them over with a memory unit, transfer cable, or something like XSata. This was posed as a question of, "IF I buy a new hard drive, will I have to transfer my LICENSES over?" I'm not really sure how you're posing the question or my "appalling advice" over this since it's about the licenses.
6 years ago#18
Sorry for being hostile, was having a bad day. Apologies.

My point still stands though, it is bad advice telling them to just recover their tag. They should call up MS for a transfer cable, borrow one from a friend or buy one cheap on ebay to transfer all their games and save data safely. The alternative to that is to borrow/buy a memory card and do it manually.

I'm sure a lot of people, if they followed your advice to the letter, would be well pissed off after the Gamertag recovery when they found out their saves had mostly vanished.
I love 95% of games
I hate 95% of gamers
6 years ago#19
Well, their saves would vanish entirely as the License Transfer literally only transfers the licenses. If I'm wrong about that, than I apologize. I'm leading to the assumption that they've already transferred their saves over and just need to re-download their games which would raise a question on whether or not they would have to transfer licenses. Perhaps I should have been more thorough when I added that question to the FAQ.

But just to be clear, if you buy a new hard drive, you WILL need to transfer your saves manually. License Migration transfers only your licenses, redownloading games only redownloads those games, your saves would NOT "copy" with a redownload or license transfer.
6 years ago#20
How do you restore licenses for the videos that were downloaded? I got a replacement console and I tried to redownload the videos that I bought, but there is no option to redownload again...
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