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The "My games are suddenly trial games" and Indie Game solution Mini-FAQ

#51LiquidViper(Topic Creator)Posted 2/19/2012 10:25:01 PMmessage detail
I've read from other posts that its been changed. The whole process has changed too but sadly I can't edit the original post. All of the other information is still valid though as far as how licenses work and whatnot.
#52QwErTySaCPosted 5/17/2012 9:10:01 AMmessage detail
Very helpfull, thanks
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LiquidViper posted...
Why can I only play Indie Games I purchased when I'm connected to Live?

Indie Games are not rated by the ESRB so you have to be signed into Live as the disclaimer says your experience and game content will vary when playing online.

This I hate. I only downloaded a fish tank game but it sucks only having access to it online. Sometimes it's nice to just leave it on that screen and watch fake fish.
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Great info ty
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I had an issue a long time ago that I never resolved. I flattened my licenses plenty of times, took every step above and still lost a few games.

My first ever console, 4 consoles ago, I had bought a few games including Small Arms, Zuma, Contra, and Dig Dug. After getting a new console, flattening the licenses, and again taking every logical step, the console still claimed I had to repurchase them. I have achievements unlocked for all games, spent hours on the phone with customer support, but 5-6 years later was still never able to recover these games.

I'm over it at this point, pretty much accepted the fact that I lost 8-9 arcade games when this occurred, I just never received an explanation as to why they are gone and why they were not in my download history after my first console hit RROD and I had to get a new one. I haven't even looked into this for years now but just wondered if there has ever been a resolution to this problem since I last looked into it.
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