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Question about downloads on multiple accounts

#112hugfeaPosted 7/18/2013 12:13:52 PM
Say that I was downloading a game on one account, but then switched to second account before the first game finished downloading. Would the game still be downloading or would you have to leave the first account signed in until it was finished? Would having background downloads enabled effect anything?
#2JanayBerryPosted 7/20/2013 8:29:14 AM(edited)
Downloads can only happen for one account at a time.

One of two scenarios can take place:

- If account A is currently downloading, and you sign in account B to begin a download, you will NOT see account A's download list in "Active Downloads" as they "stop".

- If you sign in on Account B on the second controller and begin download, I'm not sure what causes it but I experienced account B taking over the download list, and another time, account B stayed "pending" even after account A content had already finished (I then had to sign out of account A for account B download to finish.

I tried this a few times a little over a year ago, so maybe things changed!?
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