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Wii - Virtual Console and WiiWare

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StickyFull collection of Virtual Console & Wiiware block sizes (Sticky)
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dlf2333/4 10:11PM
I want Earthbound on the REAL Virtual console (not on Wii U, on the real Wii)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
The_REAL_Duke_O308/17 11:46AM
Warmen Tactics: the WORST Wiiware game ever.Oliver_Oliver48/11 6:22PM
wheres all my stuff?GravyButt78/11 6:20PM
Anyone else as mad as I am...Krambo4278/11 6:19PM
well f***BacklogGamer58/6 7:07PM
Tracking delistings (and maybe relistings) for Wiiware & Virtual Console
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zzeennoolloo228/5 11:27PM
Phoenix Wright gamesVara_sama58/5 8:10PM
The Gamecube controller really sucks for Super Mario World.WarGreymon7758/4 7:29PM
Is the Virtual Console still active on the Wii?... (Archived)oldschooldave28/2 4:24PM
Interested in some VC and WW titles.... (Archived)
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KFHEWUI147/17 9:45PM
Sega Master games - post play survey is still up? (Archived)NitroGamerSNES77/17 9:41PM
WII U or WII (Archived)777gameguy77757/11 9:42AM
what the heck is virtual console? (Archived)koalabear930127/11 6:14AM
Unused wii points (Archived)GamingLoser56/24 10:53AM
List of WiiWare games affected by the Nintendo WFC shutdown on May 20th, 2014 (Archived)
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kasht136/15 4:45PM
For those who remember DUKE OLIVER, what do you think his reaction to this is? (Archived)
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zzeennoolloo686/13 6:50AM
Wii U owners, you can now download the first LostWinds. (Archived)PaperLink6476/11 11:04PM
Do eshop games download to the console or store in a cloud?? (Archived)Elduderman36/7 8:20PM
Games you WISH came to Virtual console on the original Wii, but never did. (Archived)zzeennoolloo76/5 6:40PM
I know support for WiiWare has to stop eventually, (Archived)BlueFlameBat95/24 7:27AM