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Team Fortress 2 - Trading

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StickyTrading Tutorial V1.1 *Sticky request please* (Sticky)
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Selling: Str. Loch-N-Load w/ Domination, Gib kills and Posthumous kills parts.Apalapan110/18 12:04PM
How much does a Summer Shades Chemistry Set go for?OssimFace110/13 3:21PM
Steam Scam?Rozelecon210/12 10:11PM
Looking to buy a Your Eternal RewardFrogypower29/23 5:26AM
FT: Unusual Demo Hat LF: Another unusual demo hat (Archived)BrandonZsK19/20 6:44PM
Selling Unusual Scout hat! (Archived)jacobc1629/4 11:13PM
LF: Strange BFB FT: Strange Sticky Launcher (Archived)Decietful18/31 3:27PM
LF: A Strange Pomson 6000, FT: Pretty much my whole inventory. (Archived)mayoouran228/29 6:58AM
Selling lots of stuff from the new crates/some miscs for listed prices (Archived)Ultimate3DSFan18/28 3:19PM
selling square dance taunt (Archived)TXbandito18/26 3:50AM
Selling a Unusual Ol' Snaggletooth (Nuts n' Bolts) for around 15 Keys. (Archived)CaioNV18/24 1:42PM
Looking for sniper items (Archived)FeatheredInk18/23 11:59AM
LF: Tavish Degroot Experience. (Archived)Sefyroth18/22 11:11PM
Looking for a strange Detonator. (Archived)Zyrrus18/21 6:32AM
looking for the nunhood or angel of death (medic hood/robe) (Archived)Emo Preppy Kid18/11 7:56AM
Anyone wana give me some mediguns? I only have the default. (Archived)TwyliteSprinkle48/10 1:06PM
Anybody want to buy me this week's humble bundle for some metal? (Archived)Lord Loofiloo28/8 5:37PM
I have 2 extra FaN's. Who wants to trade? (Archived)YM_Smash18/8 4:34PM
Buy my infamous Diamond Bk Rocket Launcher (Archived)MoparMan94_288/7 6:37PM
Just Marketed a Strange Sniper for $324.00 (Archived)0AbsolutZero028/7 12:04PM