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Team Fortress 2 - Trading

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StickyTrading Tutorial V1.1 *Sticky request please* (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
im only able to trade Ellis' Cap? help?z3ld418/28 1:37PM
were can i get to the new menu (Archived)TitanStrike16/18 7:20PM
Killer exclusive (Archived)JishTheFish14/23 12:42PM
Looking for killer exclusive (Archived)JishTheFish24/23 12:40PM
Selling Keys. (Archived)KnightMysterio13/13 7:11PM
Buying Private Eye for 1.66 ref (Archived)XanderDoubleSev12/28 5:02PM
Trading half life episode 2 for best offer (Archived)FelineCyborg92/25 10:09AM
Price Check: Prof./specialized killstreak Iron Kurtain kit (Archived)ClassyOldHat12/23 2:18PM
Trading Power Jack And A BackBurner For A Scrap Each! (Archived)DatTepig12/22 1:39AM
Price Check: Strange Gold Botkiller Flamethrower MkI w/ Specialized Killstreak (Archived)Apalapan21/22 7:53PM
Price check: Prof. KS Big Kill (Archived)skaginurface21/13 9:25PM
Free Tradeable Gibus? (Archived)xToxicJesterz112/28 12:50AM
Trading an Enforcer for a Caber (Archived)Frogypower112/26 3:20PM
Selling random Halloween 2011 miscs (Archived)SuperDS22112/16 12:42AM
Keys Just disgust me now (Archived)OshawottGuy4112/14 12:15AM
Selling Pyrite Hearts Steam Game, for TF2 or CSGO keys (Archived)buddyboigiru512/1 4:23AM
Looking For: Buffalo Steak Sandviches (Archived)Clancyj4111/29 10:36PM
I'm done with TF2, looking to trade all I have for keys (Archived)Intro1827211/17 7:16PM
Buying Private Eye for 1.66 ref (Archived)XanderDoubleSev311/17 12:19AM
Trying to find a price for an Unusual... (Archived)Sharpshooter105111/5 3:09PM
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