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Top 10 List Board Ground Rules and FAQ - Must Read Before Posting - V2

#1DetroitDJ(Moderator)Posted 1/16/2011 10:49:36 PMmessage detail
Just a compendium of all the advice gathered in the old board, and on this one in that topic, condensed so it's more appealing to new people. Some of it written by me, some by you, some by other random but prominent Top 10 writers.

General FAQ:

1. What's going on here? Who are you people?

This is the contributor board for GameFAQS' Top 10 Lists feature, which you'll notice on the front page of the site every day. This is where we discuss existing lists that have been posted, and ideas for new lists.

2. I have an idea for a Top 10 list that will be totally awesome. Do I have to post my idea on this board so you hooligans can read it?

No. You can think up, write and submit a Top 10 list without having to run it by anyone (whether or not it gets posted on the front page is generally up to the administrator man.)

3. So what good are you to me then?

In addition to being able to discuss Top 10 lists on this board and what's good about them, you can create a topic in here just for your list idea. Then, people will go into said topic and tell you their thoughts on your idea, and possibly offer suggestions, leading you to create an even more awesome Top 10 list.
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4. What are the guidelines for posting on this contributor board?

Note that disobeying these rules won't get you outcast like a leper or something, but note that they exist to make the board a better, more constructive place. Also, you can still be modded, so follow the TaCoS.

4a. Be constructive. One of the major potential issues with a Top 10 list discussion board is that, given their subjective nature, lists are often subject to criticism. This itself is fine, but please make sure to keep all criticism constructive. If you don't think a game deserved to be on a list, explain why. If you think another game deserved to be on the list, explain why. Please don't just say, "This list fails for not having _____" and nothing else, because we'll hate you. Generally, if you couldn't say it about a game, you can't say it about a list. You're not allowed to go to the Halo board and just say, "Halo sucks!", and you can't come here and just say, "This list is the worst list on the site." You might be moderated, but you'll definitely be shunned.

4b. Don't steal. ideas People want to be able to discuss their ideas freely without risk of others stealing their ideas. Thus, if you see an idea you like, don't steal it. Given that multiple lists on the same topic are allowed, if you're interested in the idea, wait until after the other user's list is posted to write your own. If you're not sure if the other user is still working on the idea, ask. Also, GameFAQS hunts down those that steal walkthroughs and the like, Top 10 lists are no different.

4c. Don't automatically expect credit. Do it for the love. Oftentimes, people will ask for ideas for games that fit into a list idea, or for help revising their write-ups, or for various other tips. Given the nature of this board, it's not entirely fair to automatically expect credit for any contributions you make to another person's list. If you, as a writer, want to give credit, that's great: but for those helping, don't automatically expect to be thanked in the list itself.

4d. One topic per list. Whenever a new list is added or featured, a topic for that list will be made: please keep all discussion of that list within that topic. If this board sees five new topics every time a new list is posted about the same thing, it's going to get confusing and disorganized fast. So, if you're talking about a specific list, keep discussion within that list's topic. Anyone can create the topic for a given list: if there's not one up yet, go ahead and create one. After that, any new topics will be closed by a moderator, after adequate shunning by the board. Formatting for list topic is usually: #(list number, found in the list URL): Top 10 (list title) by (list author).

4e. This board does not archive. The only downside about this dedicated board is that, while the old A-10 Attack! board archived, this one does not. We can continue to use the A-10 Attack! board for cases where we want a discussion to be archived in case we forget about it: for example, back in the archives on that board are two list idea discussions that I still consult. So, if you want to have a discussion about an idea and ensure it archives, create a topic on the A-10 Attack! board, then create a topic on this board directing to that discussion. The A-10 Attack! board is here:
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5. I love me some of those published Top 10 lists. Where can I find more?

You can find them all here.

There's even a nifty search feature. The search function searches for identical keywords and phrases from two locations; from the main title of your list, and from the individual list titles you use to identify entries within the list. Basically, any text you write into the blue bars within your list is searchable. This (in theory) allows for users to search for list topics, as well as individual games, however, if you opt for writing your own text into the blue bars without mentioning the game title, they will be hidden from the search of that game.

The feature is unable to search the following:
- authors
- list paragraphs
- games your list entries hyperlink to

Practical Uses of the Top 10 Search:
- identify if a particular list topic has already been written (example search: underappreciated)
- look up entries that may have already been covered by similar topics (example search: Psychonauts)
- find out how many/what kinds of lists an individual game appears on (example search: Portal)

(credit to BlueGunstarHero for the information in this question)

6. In my travels, I noticed that some lists have stars next to them. What does a star next to a List mean?

Starred lists are the lists eligible to be 'featured'. Every starred list has been featured on the front page at least once.

7. How does a List get a star?

Presently, the only (known) way to get a star is for SBAllen to give it upon posting the list. For the first few years of Top 10 Lists, only a few lists got starred. Until recently, only starred lists were even posted, though four un-starred lists were just added. Almost every new list for the past several months has been featured on the front page at least once.

8. At the bottom of the page I'm told I can recommend a list. What effect does 'recommending' a List have?

No one knows for sure what effect the link at the bottom of the Top 10 Lists has.

9. How is the featured List for a given day chosen?

It's not officially known how the featured list for a time period is chosen. However, observation has led us to this description:

The featured List changes roughly at noon and midnight. When it is time for the list to change, the new list is chosen by the following decision tree:

- If there is a new List posted in the last 12 hours, choose that one (usually noon, for the day's new List).
- If not, choose one of the last 20 or so Lists that has not been featured more than ~3 times.
- If every recent list has been featured ~3 times, choose one of the old old lists.

10. There's a censor bypass in today's Top 10!

The Message Board TaCoS are exactly that: Message Board TaCoS. The same standards don't apply to FAQs, Reviews and Top 10 lists.
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Credit: Main credit goes to Stalolin for compiling the draft of this sticky that accounted for 95% of its final content. Thanks also goes to MotherKojiro, BlueGunstarHero and Nazifpour.

I also feel like I should mention the opening paragraph was written by Stalolin as well, especially the line, "Some of it written by me, some by you, some by other random but prominent Top 10 writers." The me is him, and the you is... me?
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#5NazifpourPosted 1/17/2011 2:04:52 PMmessage detail
No one knows for sure what effect the link at the bottom of the Top 10 Lists has.
I know we can recommend one list multiple times.
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From: Nazifpour | #005
I know we can recommend one list multiple times.

Multiple recommendations might not be registered, though.
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A fun forum (unrelated to gaming). If you have something to say to me, I'm Stinger there.
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Addendum: It's not necessarily necessary for the topic for a posted list to follow that format exactly. However, list topics should meet the following criteria:
- Topic title refers to the list as a whole, not one item or the absence of an item
- Topic post includes a link to the list itself
- Subjectively, topic should be seen as a discussion of the list as a whole, not one particular part of the list
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#9Lazay727Posted 2/24/2011 9:37:30 PMmessage detail
ok but where do i write the top 10 list at? How do you not explain that when there's no obvious button around here?
#10DetroitDJ(Topic Creator)(Moderator)Posted 2/24/2011 11:05:31 PMmessage detail
You click the giant button that says "Contribute", and then you click the link that says "Submit a Top 10 List."

However, I think being able to figure that out should be a prerequisite to writing lists. If you can't figure that out, you probably have no business writing.
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