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Elite Divided v62 ~ 24 Hour Check Ins Required...

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3 years ago#1
Welcome to Elite Divided

Hello and welcome to Elite Divided. This Guild mainly does battling,however we do have other functions such as hacking and trading. You don't have to be a member to challenge us to a fight, as we accept challenges of all types and have various rules/settings for our battles.

We accommodate players of all types and skill levels. From beginners to veterans you are all accepted. Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it be with your team, Pokemon, Move sets or even with the game in general.

We won't allow any malevolent use of wording or unethical behavior in this topic, nor any deliberate disconnections during any battles. Any who abuse these rules will be automatically suspended for a set amount of time by those who have the power in the guild. Should there be repeated offenses the offender will be indefinitely expelled from Elite Divided. Aside from this, have fun, joke around (though not in any intentional, hurtful way) and enjoy your time as a member or even guest in Elite Divided.

~ Guild Rules ~

~As mentioned above, Elite Divided mainly accepts and offers battle challenges. However, we do make pokemon for players and even breed pokemon. Due to a lack of members who can do so however, there is a daily limit of 3 hacked poke's per person (or otherwise stated). If there are no members on that can hack for you, or if they refuse to do so, then you'll have to accept it and wait until they are ready to do so. Harassing the guild members in any way will result in being expelled from getting hacks, or challenging the guild to any battles.

~To get any hacked poke's, you have to at least be in the guild. You also have to have permission from at least two of the higher ranked guild members, as well as a member that can hack poke's. Then you will be allowed to request and receive hacked poke's.

~Elite Divided follows it's own set of rules. If you don't like them you don't have to challenge us. Any harassment or flaming of any kind will be reported and you will be banned from all future guild activities. The rules are as follows:

-Blaziken, Thundurus-I, Genesect and Tornadus-T are now OU.
~Only ONE of the above mentioned Pokemon are allowed on a team at a time.
~You MUST tell your opponent if you are using an ED allowed OU Pokemon. (You do not have to say what one.)
~Gym Leaders are NOT permitted to use these pokemon in their own Gym Teams.
~If these rules are not followed you automatically forfeit the math and are put on a warning status. (Multiple warnings in a period of time will result in the removal from ED.)

-All DW pokemon, Unreleased and released, are allowed. However, Items are not (ie Soul Dew).

-Certain poke's, abilities, moves, or even items may be prohibited against Gym, and Elite Four teams if they so choose. There will be rules for each Gym/Elite Four team so look for any specific prohibitions.

Other than these rules the rest is standard. Elite Four members AND Gym Battles will always use Standard OU (Smogon Rules NOT ours). There will be no use of Legendary Ubers unless we are holding a special Guild event.

Notice: Gym Challenges aren't currently being held at the moment due to lack of members. This Notice will change when they are able so hang tight.

3 years ago#2
~Gym Leader Specifics ~

-As stated above you must follow whatever rules each Gym has in effect, whether it be standard clause (aside from the guild specific rules above) or whatever they see fit to use.

-You may not create a team designed to defeat a specific Gym team. This prevents anyone from "cheating" their way to the top.

-Gyms are only allowed to be challenged twice a day per person. If you fail to defeat the Gym in those two challenges, then you will have to wait until the next day in order to challenge it again.

-You can only use one team in the Gym Challenge.

-Each gym witholds the right to prohibit certain moves or abilities against their teams. Each gym may also change the battle type to any they wish. (double, rotation, triple, etc...)

-If you DC during a Gym Challenge fight then it will be considered an intentional disconnection until proven otherwise

-Once you are able to challenge the Elite Four, you may use one other team.

-You can pick and choose between the Gym's to challenge, as there will be more than Eight. Once you have obtained enough badges, you may challenge the Elite Four.

-If you challenge the Elite Four and lose, you will lose Four of your badges and will have to re-obtain those badges in order to challenge the Elite Four again.

-If you are able to beat the Elite Four, then your name and team (names only) will be put down in our Guild's Hall of Fame and will be shown in Guild topics forever on.

3 years ago#3

Guild Founder: A rank given only to those who have founded the guild. Masters of the guild and having top authority over decisions to the guild rules and other facilities. AboveAllFear and Neko_Shigi have this rank.

Leader: A rank given to certain individuals who run the guild on a day to day baisis.

-Elite Champion: This rank is reserved for those who have proven themselves champions of the guild's cause. These members are the "Elite of the Elite." You must have contributed greatly to the guilds cause. You must also have approval of three Executive rank members, on top of the Guild Founders. These will be members that are always active and help newcomers, outsiders, and members daily. Any member of this rank will have unrestricted access to all of the guild's functions and uses, as well as having the highest level authority outside of the Guild Founders.

-Elite Four: This rank is for those who've proven themselves to the guild and to the Guild Founders that they have plentiful experience in competitive battling and know the workings of their respective tiers. They are the official Top members in our guilds Gym Challenge and are the obstacle you must overcome in order to enter our guild's Hall of Fame. Only the top members can become Elite Four members and must have approval from the Guild Founders to attain this rank. This rank is more of a title to add on whatever rank you already have achieved.

-Gym Leader: This is a special rank for members who have proven themselves worthy of the title Gym Leader. They specialize in specific types of pokemon and will participate in official Gym Challenges that our Guild provides. You must have been approved by the Guild Founders and have been extensively tested in order to attain this rank. They have access to all the Guild's functions. This rank is more a title to add on top of whatever rank you already have achieved.

-Elite Executive: A rank for those who have proven themselves worthy of being an executive member within the guild. You must also have approval from 2 Elite rank members in order to be advanced to this rank. They are able to evaluate potential ranking members, teams, and tiers. They also have authority to withold the guild's rules and have banning privileges. They have authority over the other ranks and can participate in guild meetings. They will have access to the other functions that lower ranks are allowed.

-Elite: You must also have approval from 5 Members to be advanced to this rank. Obtaining this rank will allow you to request 2 more numbers of hacked, shiny, or EV bred poke's, (max 5) as well as let you make suggestions to the guild. Elite rank members may participate in any guild meetings.

-Member: This is the basic rank of guild members. You'll have access to basic functions of the guild, being restricted to the specifications of each function (ie 3 hacked poke's per day). You must have one recommendation from a guild member to be promoted to this rank. Members cannot make suggestions to the guild or participate in any guild meetings.

-Walk-in: This is for those of you who wish to join Elite Divided. You only have to ask to join and you're in! You will then be able to work your way towards becoming a member. Those of this rank have no access to any of the guild's functions and has no say in any guild matters. If you show you're active and are generally helpful then you will be on your way to a promotion for sure!

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3 years ago#4
These are the Gyms that are currently able to participate in the Guild's Gym Challenge. More are underway so we're putting the Gym List up as more of a marker. The Elite Four are as stands.

Elite Four:






Water Leader
Refraction Badge

Dragon Leader
Draco Badge

Normal Leader
(badge to be named)

Flying Leader
Avian Badge
Prohibitions: Stealth Rock

Grass Leader
Boquet Badge

Psychic Leader
Psylocke Badge

Dr. O
Sandstorm Leader
SlipStream Badge

3 years ago#5
These are our members so far and their respective ranks. If I have missed anybody or have mistaken your rank, please pm me.

Congratulations on your new ranks! (Always remember to check your rank.)

Member Ranks:
Guild Founders:




Elite Executive:

thedudesta ~ Elite Legend
zZbennyZz ~ Elite Sage







3 years ago#6
Seems the top part of the opening post got cut down a bit...
FC in profile.
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3 years ago#7
Simmedon posted...
Seems the top part of the opening post got cut down a bit...

Everything I had was from what Lone sent me.
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3 years ago#8
i was never one to read the intros anyways.
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3 years ago#9
Actually looking back at the email he sent me it was from Jan 10th so Lone I may need an update template haha.
FC: 4041 5026 6711 Gen V Record: 21 -18 -1
Elite Divided Gym Leader "Where the obvious, isn't so obvious."
3 years ago#10
Thanks for the post Joe, I have been swamped with work then wedding plans at home haha.

Send me your e-mail address again and I will send it to you
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