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Pokemon Battle Lounge V. 26

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3 years ago#1
Welcome to the PBL!

Any and all drinks are on the house, so help yourselves. :)

Special thanks to The Fight Club for inspiring the start of this guild.


- Standard Rules apply.

- Respect other people.

- Spamming/Flaming on the thread will result in suspension from the PBL. Banishment may be considered if you continue to offend.

- Don't talk about Gym or Champion battles at all. This can give an unfair advantage to future challengers.

- Any battles may be Single, Double, Triple, or Rotational.

- Pokemon with an illegal moveset, ability, and/or stats are banned.

- Hack requests may be fulfilled to members only. If available, any hacker may hack any amount of pokemon they choose to for any member or deny a request at any time.

- Have Fun!

Standard Rules

- Evasion Clause
No use of anything that boosts evasion (Double Team, Minimize, Bright Powder, Lax Incense, Sand Veil, Snow Cloak). Double Team or Minimize used via Metronome does not trigger this, as well as Acupressure.

- Sleep Clause
No more than 1 pokemon on a team may be put to sleep by an opponent to you and vice versa. Rest is considered self-inducing and doesn't trigger this.

- 1HKO Clause
No 1HKO moves (Fissure, Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Guillotine). 1HKO moves used via Metronome don't trigger this.

- Species Clause
2 pokemon with the same dex number aren't allowed on a team.

- The abilities "Drizzle" and "Swift Swim" may not be used on the same team. The ability "Moody" and the item "Soul Dew" are banned!

Non-Standard Rules

- Freeze Clause
No more than 1 pokemon may be frozen by an opponent to you and vice versa.

- Hax Item Clause
No use of "Kings Rock", "Focus Band", or "Quick Claw"

- Self-KO Clause
No use of Self-KO moves when both players are down to their last Pokemon (Explosion, Self Destruct, Destiny Bond, Perish Song). Recoil damage doesn't trigger this, and if it would result in a tie, the player who last attacked wins.

- Item Clause
More than 1 pokemon on a team may not hold the same item.


- Uber (Pokemon deemed too powerful for OU)
- OU (Overused)
- UU (Underused)
- RU (Rarely Used)
- NU (Never Used)


- Arceus
- Blaziken
- Darkrai
- Deoxys (all forms)
- Dialga
- Excadrill
- Genesect
- Giratina (both forms)
- Groudon
- Ho-Oh
- Kyogre
- Kyurem-W
- Landorus
- Lugia
- Manaphy
- Mewtwo
- Palkia
- Rayquaza
- Reshiram
- Shaymin-S
- Thundurus
- Tornadus-T
- Zekrom

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3 years ago#2
Gym and Pokemon League Challenge

- To become a Gym Leader, you must first show you can battle well in the Standard OU tier. To do so, you must first make a post stating you wanna try going after a Gym position, then afterwards battle some members ranked Trainer or above, who will then determine if you have what it takes. If at least 2 of them deem you worthy, you may tryout for a Gym. Before having a Gym tryout, you must first PM anyone ranked Wisemen or Commander to let them know which Gym type you choose, so they can keep a record of it. You must face a combination of Masters, Wisemen, and/or Commanders with the Gym team of the type you wish to tryout for. If the majority of the 3 groups deem it worthy, you become the leader of that type.

- Gym teams must consist of at least 1/2 of the pokemon being the type related to that Gym, depending on how many weaknesses the type has. The rest may be used as wild cards, but must have an ability or move that's related with the Gym type. Types with 0-1 weakness, 1 wild may be used. 2-3 weaknesses, up to 2 wilds may be used. 4+ weaknesses, up to 3 wilds may be used.

- Gym Leaders may have custom rules, but can't require anyone to use pokemon teams below the OU tier. Entry Hazards can't be banned except for "No Stealth Rock", which may only apply to Gym types weak to Rock.

- Gym Leaders can't be challenged for a badge more than once a day by the same person, unless the Gym Leader is alright with another battle.

- Multiple Gym Leaders of any type are permitted, but won't be listed as to who is a Gym Leader of a type to give challengers the mysterious factor when going after a badge.

- You may face any Gym Leader of your choice.

- Though not needed, you may collect more than 8 badges.

- You may use only 1 team to battle Gym Leaders. If you wish to use a different team than the one you started with to challenge Gym Leaders, you must forfeit all of the badges you have earned to start fresh. Once you get 8 badges, you may compete in the Pokemon League, where you have the option to keep using the same team or to use a different team than the one you used for the Gym Challenge. Gym Leaders may keep track of your teams, so don't make changes to them once you start a challenge. Once you choose a team to use in the Pokemon League, you can't change it.

- The Pokemon League must have a MINIMUM of 4 competitors (excluding the Champion) before it can start. All competitors in the League will have to face each other once, trying to gain victory points for the opportunity to become the Champion. Whoever wins their battle will be awarded a victory point, and whoever has the most points once all competitors have faced each other will be permitted to face the Champion for the title. In the event that there's a tie for most points, the competitors who have tied will face off against each other once more for the victory. Any competitor not successful in the Pokemon League will lose 8 badges, and therefor must collect badges once again to have another chance to compete in the Pokemon League.


- Any inactive Gym Leader or Champion may be replaced if inactive for too long! (3 months)

- The Gym Challenge may not start until at least 8 Gym positions have been filled.

- If a Gym Leader, once defeated, you must award the challenger a badge.

- All Pokemon League battles will be Standard 6 vs 6 singles.

- If Champion, upon losing, you must declare the challenger the new Champion, if he/she chooses to replace you, and officially induct them into the Hall of Fame. The loser must completely start the Gym and Pokemon League Challenge all over again once the Champion has been fought.

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3 years ago#3
Gym Tryouts

- frogzx
- Gleamshard
- Lone_Hunter
- Lvl100Afroman
- neznice95

Gym Leaders

FC - 3397-1530-3522
Rules - Standard 6 vs 6 OU

FC - 0476-5617-9317
Rules - Standard 6 vs 6 OU

FC - 2838-8665-7222
Rules - No Stealth Rock, Standard 6 vs 6 OU

Champion -
FC -


Commanders - The ones who founded PBL. They have the final say over anything being questioned. They can also approve gym teams.

- frogzx
- videogames518

Wisemen - While the Commanders have the power, the Wisemen wind up making most of the decisions. They are knowledgable, experienced, and help maintain order. They can also approve gym teams, post new topics, and help appoint more Wisemen.

- DrTingle
- Gleamshard
- Lone_Hunter
- Simmedon

Hall of Fame - All trainers who have defeated the Champion are forever recorded here. They have every right to be proud of their accomplishments.

Masters - Incredibly experienced trainers who have participated in an overwhelming amount of battles and shown superb skill in all Tiers, plus Little Cup. They can also approve gym teams.

Experts - Highly experienced trainers who have participated in many battles and shown awesome skill in at least 4 tiers.

Veterans - Experienced trainers who have participated in numerous battles and shown great skill in at least 2 Tiers.

- PsychoGamer23

Trainers - Anyone that has demonstrated moderate battling skills.

- buddalover
- devilschain30
- Hollow_SpectreX
- Infernal_Blade
- Lvl100Afroman
- neznice95
- SoulKaos
- staraid
- Viridipalm_user
- wolvevice

Walk-Ins - Anyone who is new that has yet to demonstrate moderate battling skills.

- Baixue
- Call_Me_Charlie
- Cloudvp
- codeman336
- crazy12_3
- david_bustamove
- InfamousCarl
- KingMirage
- LanceJ123
- LordGhetsis
- MysticRacer408
- NewbieAtDS
- nom_noms

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3 years ago#4

Criminals may randomly challenge people or anyone may challenge them at any time. If you win, the Grunt/Executive that lost can't battle you again for a certain amount of days. If a Grunt/Executive wins, you will temporarily act as if 1 of your pokemon was "stolen" (can't use the named pokemon for a certain amount of days) and the Grunt/Executive you lost to can't fight you again until your pokemon is no longer "stolen". After a battle, the team Leader rolls a six sided die to determine how many days your pokemon (if you lost) can't be used or how many days the Grunt/Executive (if he/she lost) can't battle you. If you had a pokemon "stolen", you may replace it with a different pokemon. Once you have had 2-4 (depending who you lost to) of your pokemon "stolen", no member of any criminal team may challenge you until all of your "stolen" pokemon return. To keep it fair, criminal Leaders must know about each challenge that their Grunts/Executives had, or their battles won't count. Pokemon can't be "stolen" if a criminal doesn't use their criminal pokemon team.

There can only be up to a maximum of 2 criminal teams at once. For a team to disband, the Leader would need to have suffered a total of 3 losses. Once a team disbands, a new criminal team may form. To fight an Executive, you must defeat 3 Grunts. Losing to an Executive will result in 2 of your pokemon being "stolen". To fight a criminal Leader, you must defeat 1 of the Executives. Losing to a criminal Leader will result in 3 of your pokemon being "stolen". To re-fight a criminal Leader you must again defeat 3 Grunts and 1 Executive.

Only a Leader can officially name his/her team and reveal the logo, but the Executives and Grunts can help come up with ideas. If a criminal Leader happens to be a Gym Leader, challenging for a badge doesn't count against anyone. Criminal teams may feud with any other criminal team. No criminal can have any of their pokemon "stolen", but they can contribute to a team being disbanded. Disbanded teams may be revived only once at any time with the same Leader, but different Executives may be chosen.

Each criminal team must not exceed...

1 Leader
2 Executives
6 Grunts


Leader -

Leader -

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"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
3 years ago#5
lucapit posted...
This board sucks

--- - TFC, PBL, Friend Codes, & more
3 years ago#6
lol you heard the man
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3 years ago#7
... You hear that lucapit?

That's the sound of no one caring at all.
''Your drill is the drill that will pierce the Heavens!"
3 years ago#8
anyone else have any interest in Cardfight vanguard? i like the card game alot its just sad that i dont have the money to play another card game.
i am a fox with 3 tails 3 times the fluff 3 times the power! "only on thing left to do, touch fluffy tail" black2 fc-4213-1968-4228
3 years ago#9
A friend of mine did, gleam. I didn't find it all that great.
FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
3 years ago#10
i just like the concept of how simple and easy to play it is. and the fact that its the only game without an actual meta and nothing is bad.
i am a fox with 3 tails 3 times the fluff 3 times the power! "only on thing left to do, touch fluffy tail" black2 fc-4213-1968-4228
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