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The Fight Club V. 305 History is often written by the winners.

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3 years ago#1
Are you the one that's writing yours?

Welcome to The Fight Club

First and foremost, battles will be referred to as fights in this Club from now on. This Club is dedicated to fighting. You need not be a member to come in and ask for a fight.

This is a Club for all who love to battle. Our hope is to bring together those who have this great interest and form an organization filled with skilled fighters. Perfect place for team advice, practice opportunities, etc., all to help make you a better battler.

Everyone is welcomed. We will not tolerate the spamming of this topic, or the deliberate/intentional disconnection during a fight. Abusers will be suspended, and if deemed necessary, expelled from the Club. But remember, NO SPAMMING!

**The Fight Club is first and foremost a BATTLING institution. This means that our service of fulfilling hack requests is a secondary aspect and meant solely to further one’s endeavors in competitive fighting. Therefore, in order to maintain the focus on the battle aspect of Pokemon, there is a limit of requesting and receiving a MAXIMUM of two hacks per day from the hackers of The Fight Club as a collective group. Furthermore, should all the hackers you ask deny any hack requests for that day, and you cannot get any hacks done in a day, then that will be the end of it. The continual asking for hacks will be deemed as spamming.

**In order to get hacks from members of the club, one must have been a member for at least two weeks and showed some moderate contribution during that period. This is to prevent users from joining just for the sake of getting a team hacked. No more than one team may be requested within a month.

**Gym Challenges are not being held at this moment. The League will open once all gyms are established.

~Gym Leader Challenge
-Here, you can battle against members who have claimed their rights to the name “Gym Leader”. Work your way to the Champion and claim the title. Play for fun perhaps, and work toward prizes. All standard rules and clauses are in effect no matter who you are challenging.

-Standard Rules and Clauses are always in effect.

-When challenging a Leader, you must follow their custom rules, such as double battle requirement, 6v6 match, 3v3 match, etc.

-You are not to make a team designed mainly to take out one specific type of Gym Leader(ex. Making an all water team to fight the Fire Gym Leader.). This makes the challenge not so much a challenge anymore, but note that you can still use Pokemon of opposite types in fair use.

-You may challenge a Gym Leader twice within 12 hours. Constant challenging in order to quickly rise through the ranks is forbidden. You can, however, battle another Gym Leader if you have already battled one Gym Leader twice within the 12 hour period. Just not the same Gym Leader more than twice within the time limit.

-You can only use one team while challenging the Gym Leaders. Choose your team wisely and do not switch until you have completed the challenge, or have dropped out.

-Once you have cleared the Gym Leaders, you may have a new team to use against the Elite 4, if you choose to. The total number of teams allowed remains at 1.

-You can fight more than the needed amount of Gym Leaders before heading to the Elite 4. Though you do not have to, once you hit 8 Badges you are welcomed to move on.

FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
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3 years ago#2
-Our Champion is almighty so-to-speak. If you lose to him/her, you will lose 2 Gym Badges (of your choosing), and you must regain the certain amount of badges necessary to re-challenge the Elite 4 again, and work your way up to the Champion. (This rule is in effect to get Gym Leaders more battles, just so everyone isn’t in an endless loop within the Elite 4).

-Whether you win or lose, you are not to discuss the battle at all in any way, shape or form. You cannot mention any of the Gym Leaders team members either. Do not be a sore loser if you have lost, as well as a sore winner if you have won. This is all in good fun.

-Constant trolling towards the Gym Leaders can result in you being dropped from the challenge.

-When battling against anybody in the challenge, the highest tier you can use is OU. Anything beneath it can be used as well. Uber will never be allowed. Gym Leaders cannot make you use a certain tier.

-Upon defeating the Champion, you will claim the Champion title spot, if you wish. If you do not want to, the current Champion you fought will remain Champion.

~Illegal move sets and hacked Pokemon will not be allowed, and you will be disqualified if using such. Some Smogon sets are illegal to use, due to it being impossible to get certain attacks on the same moveset.

~Gym Leader/Elite Four Rules (Gen. V - Subject to Change)
-Standard Rules and Clauses are always in effect. You cannot disable a certain rule or clause as one of your custom rules.

-In order to become a Gym Leader, you must first fight another member of the Club to prove that you have an understanding of the OU metagame. This will show that you are able to handle yourself, therefore, you are able to handle a monotype team. Upon winning, you are qualified(meaning you must still tryout) to become a Gym Leader. Upon losing, it is up to your opponent to decide whether you have what it takes to be a Gym Leader and still be approved for tryout of the spot, or whether you have to try again another time.

-In order to become an Elite 4 member, you must first have been a Gym Leader, who has won 8 battles against challengers. Once this has happened, you must fight all four of the Elite 4 with your Gym team in order to prove you are capable. Same as a Gym Leader, upon winning against all 4, you will take the lowest spot of the Elite 4. Upon losing a battle, the Elite 4 will decide whether or not you can remain an Elite Four member(only the one you lost against).

-You can only be a Gym Leader to one type, if you wish to switch to an open spot, you must try out for it, and resign from your current Gym. If already taken, you must first get approval from that Gym Leader to challenge him/her for their spot. If he/she agrees, the winner will claim that position. Either a Gym Team fight, or a standard non-mono type battle can be done upon the agreement. If you have lost the position, you may not challenge them again for the next 4 days.

-In order to claim a higher position in the Elite 4, you must first challenge the next level above you to a battle for their spot. Only the highest member of the Elite 4 may reject a challenge. All other positions must accept the challenge. Upon winning you switch spots with the person higher above you. Upon losing you will remain at your position and may not challenge the higher spot for the next 36 hours from your loss.

-As a Gym Leader, you may have your own set of custom rules, such as; Double Battle requirement, 6v6, 3v3, etc. You are NOT however, allowed to require your Gym Leader battles to be of a certain tier. If you use anything under OU, that is your choice and you cannot require your challenger to use Pokemon within the same tier as you.

FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
3 years ago#3
-Elite 4 members are only allowed to do 6v6, single matches. No custom rules apply.

-As Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members, you are required to have 2/3rd of your team be a certain type, along with 1/3rd non-similar type Pokemon with you in your team. (the 1/3rd must however have either an ability or move that ties them in with the rest of the team)

-As a Gym Leader, nothing less than a 3v3 match is allowed.

-Upon losing, The Gym Leader or Elite 4 member must announce the winner themselves.

If a Gym Leader, you must award the challenger his/her their badge. If an Elite 4 member, you must announce the challenger’s victory and be sure the position next above you knows he/she is going to be challenged next.

!!All inactive Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members will be demoted unless we are told of your reason(s) for inactiveness!!

~Standard Rules
For those who don’t know, need a reminder, or are just too lazy to check the sticky on the board, here are some basic rules that this Club and pretty much this whole board use.

*Evasion Clause
No use of evasive boosting moves or abilities (ex. Double Team).

*Sleep Clause
No more than 1 Pokemon within a party may be put to sleep by the opponent to you, and vice versa. Moves such as Rest that the opponent uses is a self sleep inducing move and does not activate this.

*1HKO Clause
No use of the “One-Hit-Knock-Out” moves(ex. Sheer Cold).

*Species Clause
Don’t use two of the same Pokemon, that is just silly.

~Non-Standard Rules
*Freeze Clause
No more than 1 Pokemon within a party may be frozen by the opponent to you, and vice versa.

*Hax Item Clause
No use of “King’s Rock”, “Focus Band”, and “Quick Claw” items.

*Self-KO Clause
No use of self KO’ing moves when you and opponent each have one Pokemon left. Recoil damage does not activate this, and the user who last attacks wins.

~Pokemon Tiers
-Uber (Pokemon that ranked too powerful for OU)
-OU (Overused)
-BL (Borderline)
-UU (Underused)
-RU (Rarely Used)
-NU (Never Used)

Uber List
-Deoxys (All forms)
-Giratina (both forms)

*Misc. Ban List - The following are banned:
-Ability: Moody
-Abilities: Drizzle AND Swift Swim on the same team
*Any item or ability that boosts evasion
*Soul Dew

FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
3 years ago#4
~ Gym Leaders
*NOTE: For the gym challenge, the use of the ability Shadow Tag is forbidden.

Rock - Bayonet300
Badge - Quarry Badge
Rules - Standard 6 vs. 6
FC - 5157-7134-3901

Ground - Jaden09
Badge - Fox Burrow Badge
Rules - Standard, 6 vs. 6
FC - 2923 4709 7723

Water - videogames518
Badge – Rain Badge
Rules – Standard, 6 vs. 6
FC - 2838 8665 7222

Fighting - FEYN05 (position is temporarily open)
Badge - Hands of Stone Badge
Rules - Standard 6 vs. 6
FC - 2494 6578 0585

Grass -
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

Poison - MrNewblet
Badge - Bio-Hazard Badge
Rules - Standard 6 vs. 6
FC - 2709 1501 1915

Flying - Simmedon
Badge - Turbulence Badge
Rules - No use of Stealth Rocks, Standard 6 vs. 6
FC - 4384-5262-9573

Normal -
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

Ghost - frogzx (tryout)
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

Electric - Ph33rPhazon
Badge - Plasma Array Badge
Rules - Standard 6 vs. 6
FC - 2494-5306-8504

Psychic -
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

Fire - neznice (tryout)
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

Ice - Badali714
Badge - Tempest Badge
Rules - No use of Stealth Rocks, Standard 6 vs. 6
FC - 3482 1994 6207

Dark - Lone (tryout)
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

Steel - DrTingle
Badge - Badass Badge
Rules - Standard 6 vs. 6
FC - 3826-5302-9574

Dragon -
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

Bug -
Badge -
Rules -
FC -

~Elite Four

Elite Four m1 -
FC -

Elite Four m2 -
FC -

Elite Four m3 -
FC -

Elite Four m4 -
FC -

Champion -
FC -

FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
3 years ago#5
Grand Masters
Simmedon (Winner of the Tournament of Champions I)

Honorary Members



Golden Gloves

Street Fighters

Backyard Brawlers

Des Troy 321

Fighting Your Way to Excellence:

Olympic Requirements:
Participate in large amounts of fights.
Display mastery of the Pokemon metagame.
Display excellent skills in multiple tiers.
Achieve at least 5 victories in big name events since receiving the rank of golden gloves
Provide tips etc.
MUST: Defeat the 3 Grand Masters in all tiers OR gain their approval.
MUST: Have all leaders agree on the rankup.

Golden Gloves Requirements:
Participate in a substantial amount of fights.
Display excellent skill in fights.
Display the ability to fight in multiple tiers
Win fights in big-name events.
Provide great fight strategy advice/team building advice.
Become an E4 member
Consistently help with stuff like explaining rules/helping new members/helping with strategy, etc..
MUST : Defeat 6 members of street fighter rank or higher at least once in any tier.
MUST: Have all leaders agree on the rankup.

Street Fighter Requirements:
Participate in a very high number of fights.
Display great skill in fights.
Display the knowledge of multiple tiers
Win fights in big-name events (such as a war or tourney)
Decently active in the fight club.
Help others once in a while.
MUST : Defeat 3 members of the Trainees rank in any tier.

Backyard Brawler
Display exceptional activity in the TFC
Partake in numerous fights
Partake in helping people plan out their teams or strategies.
MUST : Face the leaders in battle

FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
3 years ago#6
Good tag line.
''Your drill is the drill that will pierce the Heavens!"
3 years ago#7
in short dede is still a moron when it comes to the game -_-
i am a fox with 3 tails 3 times the fluff 3 times the power! "only on thing left to do, touch fluffy tail" black2 fc-4213-1968-4228
3 years ago#8
I'd use the term "Misinformed", but basically yes.
FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
3 years ago#9
when did doc become a GL? wow I gotta have my eyes checked^^;
Avid pokemon battler: White 2 FC: 2581-4460-8479, DS battles only, no simulators.
3 years ago#10
Des Troy 321 posted...
when did doc become a GL? wow I gotta have my eyes checked^^;

Been one for a while now, actually. Check last topic.
FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder
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