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LF: Torchic, FT: Zorua

#1BandarnoPosted 3/18/2011 2:38:06 PM
*points to topic title*

FC is 4899 5226 8347
#2superdork12345Posted 3/18/2011 2:39:21 PM
I have a torchic but also a Zorua..
#3Bandarno(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2011 2:42:15 PM
I don't really have much else in the way of uncommon pokes, other than maybe an Axew and a bunch of Vulpixes, lol.
#4Bandarno(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2011 3:02:56 PM
Anyone else out there with a spare Torchic?
#5Bandarno(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2011 3:12:09 PM
#6Bandarno(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2011 3:31:29 PM
Bumping one last time just in case.