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LF Somthing cool and rare FT Piplup

#1taylortle1996Posted 3/18/2011 3:26:49 PM
Anyone want a level 10 piplup for something cool ill see if i need it
#2taylortle1996(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2011 3:27:10 PM
#3darthmoose87Posted 3/18/2011 3:28:26 PM
Want a Zorua, Snivy or Otter?
#4mrJLJ66Posted 3/18/2011 3:30:52 PM
*fiddles in pocket* ive got a roast beef, some string, and some pocket lint, thats rare in the pokemon world!

but seriously, i can get you a cryogonial egg (sp)(the giant snowflake with a mustache)
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