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Read Before Posting! General Trading Guidelines, Revision 2

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5 years ago#1
Hello and welcome to the Pokémon Black and White Version Trade Boards!
Before posting on this board, you should be aware of the standards for requesting a trade.

Table of Contents
i. Before Trading
ii. The New Trading System
I. Trade Lingo
II. Trade Standards
III. Cloning Standards
IV. Editing Standards
V. Hacking Standards
VI. Specialty Topics
VII. WiFi Problems
VIII. Tips and Tricks
IX. Credits

i. Before Trading

Before you start trading, there are some things you have to do before you initiate your first trade.

1. Set up your WiFi Connection

When you are at the main menu of the Pokémon Black or White game, go to the “Nintendo WiFi Connection” option and make sure your DS is connected to your wireless router. If not, make a new connection and test the connection.

2. Beat the first gym

You must go to Striaton City and defeat the Pokémon Gym Leader there to obtain the Trio Badge.

3. Receive your Pal Pad

Once you obtain the Trio Badge, you must bring a Pokémon that knows Cut and exit Striaton City using the path on the right. Cut the tree down, enter the empty lot and an event will unfold. After this event is over go and get your Pal Pad, which is located in a house in Striaton City diagonally right of the Pokémon Gym. A woman will eventually talk to you about WiFi and obtain your Pal Pad as well as your Friend Code.

4. Using the Pal Pad

The Pal Pad is a key item that holds trader’s Friend Codes and allows you to trade with them while in the WiFi room. There are three options. To check your Friend Roster, click the first option. To add a new Friend Code, check the second option. To check your own Friend Code, click the third option. To do trades on WiFi, both you and the person you are trading with must have each other’s Friend Codes registered in your respective Pal Pads.

5. Entering the WiFi Room

Go to any Pokémon Center and go upstairs where there are 3 ladies behind the counter. Go to the lady in the middle and talk to her. Select the WiFi option where she will ask you to save your game. Do NOT talk to the lady on the left for WiFi trades; the Union Room is for local wireless trades! Having the C-Gear on WILL NOT inprove WiFi communications.

6. Using the WiFi Room

Once connected, there will be a platform with 8 circles (or more if you have many friends) and a computer straight ahead. To initiate a trade, go to the computer and select Trade. To join another trader’s trade invitation, find the other trader’s avatar, go up to it, and press A.

ii. The New Trading System

Once in a trade session, you will notice that you can not only see Pokémon in your party, but the Pokémon in your PC boxes as well.

To start a trade, do the following:

1. Find a Pokémon that you want to put up for trade. Press A when the arrow is over the Pokémon you want. To make the selection, select Trade, or to quickly check it’s stats, press Summary. After pressing Trade, you may press A again to undo your selection or select A on another Pokémon to select another Pokémon. You may put up 3 Pokémon for the other trader to choose from.
2. If you chose 1 or 2 Pokémon and are ready to show them to the other trader, press the glowing light red button at the bottom, with two Poké Balls and two arrows.
3. Once the selections are made, press Okay. You must then wait until the other trader finishes selecting his/her Pokémon.
4. Once both traders finish making their selections, each trader will get to see the other’s selections. You may select a Pokémon from their selection on the left side of your screen or check the Summary on any Pokémon selected, including your own.
5. Once a selection has been made, both traders will see what Pokémon the other has chosen. Press Okay to finalize the trade.
5 years ago#2
Here are a few things to keep in mind while trading:

*Pokémon can NOW be traded from your PC boxes instead of trading from just your Party. To move between boxes, simply press L or R. You cannot move Pokémon nor add/remove items while in a trade session.

*Trades are still 1 for 1, that is, one Pokémon can only be traded for one other Pokémon at a time. Group trades, like trading 3 for 3 or 2 for 1 at a time, are not possible in Black/White.

*There are three states a trader can be in:

Selecting... - A trader is still selecting a Pokémon.
Selected - A trader has already selected a Pokémon or set of Pokémon.
Waiting... - A trader wants to exit the trade session and waits for the other to make a decision.

I. Trade Lingo

Here are some Trading Definitions to remember when trading here:

AR - Action Replay.

ATTN - Used in topic titles to capture the attention of a user or users. ATTN: nightgeist_dc17

Clone - A Pokémon that is a copy from the original Pokémon. A Pokémon can be cloned with help from a trader who has an AR. Cloners may or may not be hackers/editors!

Collateral - A Pokémon used for trades that require someone else’s Pokémon to be serviced on, such as a clone, edit, or rare candy. A Collateral Pokémon is usually valuable and would compensate the trader should they fall victim to a scam. A Collateral may be keepable, meaning that the Collateral can be kept even after receiving the serviced Pokémon back, but it is not always the case.

Dream World - A website area where you can upload your Pokémon online to meet other Pokémon and collect items. The English version is set to launch on March 30th, 2011.

Dream World Ability - An ability that a Pokémon may have from the Dream World. These abilities have a chance of being passed on if the Pokémon is female.

Editor - A person who has the ability to edit Pokémon. These people can change the aspect of a Pokémon, such as the nature, nickname, ability, among others. Editors can be hackers.

EV - Effort Values. Like IVs, these are hidden values that determine it’s strength in each of its stats. Unlike IVs, these values can be modified depending on a Pokémon’s training and can range from 0 to 255 in each stat; however, the total EVs on a Pokémon must equal 510 or below.

Events - Pokémon that have been distributed as part of the promotions by Nintendo.

EV Trained (Also denoted by EV’d) - A Pokémon that is trained for competitive battling.

FC - Friend Code. To trade, you must have your first gym badge and obtain a Pal Pad from the Pokémon Center.

File Conversion - A method to turn Pokémon in the game to pkm files on the computer. Used to trade with other file traders or for storage.Only editors can do File Conversions.

Flawless - Usually means a Pokémon that has 31 IVs in each of its stats. Some traders may use it for Pokémon that has 31 in each important stat or a Pokémon that has the highest IVs for a specific HP with base power 70.

FT - For Trade. What someone has to offer. FT: Tepig

Giveaway - A topic that involves giving away Pokémon for little or nothing at all.

Hack/Hacking/Hacked/Hacker - A Hack is a Pokémon or item created from scratch using an external cheat device, preferably with the Hacking Form. The resulting Pokémon or item is considered hacked. Hacked is a term used to denote a Pokémon with an aspect considered illegitimate by the game. Some users do not like trading for hacks, so be honest when it comes to the legitimacy of your Pokémon. A Hacker can create new Pokémon, items, and may have the ability to clone. Hackers cannot be editors since they cannot modify existing Pokémon, only create new ones.
5 years ago#3
HP - Hidden Power. A Pokémon’s attack power and element type using the move Hidden Power depends on its IVs and may range from 30-70. To find a Pokémon’s IV set, one must ask a hacker to check or can do an IV battle.

IV - Individual Values. These are the hidden values of a Pokémon that determines it’s strength in each of its stats when it was first received in the game. The values range from 0 to 31 in each stat.

IV Battle - A special WiFi battle where one party checks the stats of one or many Pokémon at a high level, usually level 100, and inputs the information into an IV Calculator to determine IVs and Hidden Power.

Junk Pokémon - A Pokémon that someone does not need for his/her game. Usually used for trades that involves someone giving away valuable Pokémon.

Legit - A term used to denote that a Pokémon is not hacked.

Legit Checking - Otherwise known as LC. A complex process used to determine if a Pokémon is hacked. Only editors can determine if a Pokémon is legit, but NOT all editors can LC. At the time of this post, there’s no way to LC for Black/White games.

LF - Looking for. What someone may be looking for on the boards LF: Celebi

Nature - A determination of how a Pokémon will grow and how it will affect its stats.

Poké Transfer - A process of moving Pokémon from a D/P/Pt/HG/SS game to B/W. This is located on Route 15 and is only available once the storyline is completed and the player has obtained the National Dex. Two Nintendo DS systems are required to transfer.

Rare Candy - Also abbreviated by RC. This phrase has two meanings. It can mean either the item “Rare Candy” or it can be used as a verb, to denote an increase of level(s) of a Pokémon using Rare Candies or with help from an editor.

Relocator - A machine used to transfer the Nintendo Event Celebi, Raikou, Entei and Suicune from D/P/Pt/HG/SS to B/W. Two Nintendo DS systems are required to use the Relocator. The mentioned Pokémon must be transferred using the Relocator to activate their respective events.

RNG - Random Number Generator; A Method to capture a specific Pokémon, usually a shiny one and/or one with a certain IV set that is usually flawless.

Scam/Scammer - A scam is an act where one trader benefits from a trade but the other trader does not and is left with something that was not agreed upon before Trading. A Scammer is a person who scams. Scamming is knowingly being dishonest in any way with anything that involves trading, whether or not there is benefit or detriment to any parties involved.

Semi-legit - A term used to denote that while the Pokémon itself is not hacked, the item to access the event to the Pokémon is hacked. (i.e. Using an AR to hack an Enigma Stone to capture Latios/Latias)

Shiny - A Pokémon that has a different color than a regular one and are highly valuable because of its rarity. The chances of finding one in the game are low.

TC - Topic Creator. They are the users that started a topic.

UT - Untouched. This abbreviation is used to tell traders that a Pokémon has not been used.

VC - Voice Chat. This option is set to On as default when entering the WiFi room. To turn off Voice Chat, simply press X.
(edited 5 years ago)
5 years ago#4
II. Trade Standards

Here are some guidelines to follow when posting on these boards:

*Before making a new topic, check the topic list for any ongoing topics that may have some Pokémon you are interested in. Read everything in the topic and follow directions specified by the TC. When posting, make sure you clearly state what you want and what you are willing to offer. If you need to know further details of a certain Pokémon someone has, do not be afraid to ask!

*If you are requesting some trades, you can make a topic. A good title can be one that generalizes what you are looking for. For example, let’s say I am looking for a Celebi. My topic title can be “LF: Celebi”. If you have no idea what you want to trade for and want to offer what you have, you can make a topic that lists some of your Pokémon that are for trade, e.g. FT: Tepig, Snivy. Do not post new topics if you cannot trade right away. Only post topics if you are free to trade for a good amount of time.

*Don't ask for keepable collateral. If the person servicing your Pokémon doesn't tell you ahead of time to keep it, they don't want to give it out. You're not getting it, and asking would be rude. On the other hand, if they are offering keepable collateral, DO NOT have useless Pokémon serviced on only to get a free collateral Pokémon. Just because someone is helping you doesn't automatically mean it's a giveaway.

*Hacked Pokémon do exist on the trade boards as some people are able to hack Pokémon with an Action Replay. If you want to avoid trading for hacks, make sure you ask the person you are trading with if the Pokémon is legit (not hacked). If he/she is unsure, you have the option to trust them and go ahead with the trade or turn them down and look elsewhere.

*Make sure you know your FC and when posting your FC, make sure that the one you post matches the one in your Pal Pad! It is common to copy one number wrong and have the Pal Pad error when adding. If you use a different DS to trade, be aware that your FC will change!

*When entering the WiFi room, check to see if the other trader is inside as well. As a general rule, the first trader to appear online should host the trade with VC off.

*Make sure to have at least two Pokémon in your party to trade. An egg does not count as a Pokémon.

*Be courteous to others. Do not try to act rude when posting on the boards. Please be patient when requesting a trade, service, or when waiting on a trade or service. Use proper grammar. Say “Please” and “Thank you” when requesting and after completing a trade.

*Do not hijack a topic. When someone looks for a hack, rare candy, a clone, or an edit and someone responds to them, do not try to post with your own request. Make your own request in a different topic or post in a specialty topic.

*Don't scam people. A few common examples of scams are listed to help show what they are:
>Telling someone you'll clone/rare candy/EV train/edit their Pokémon and not returning it.
>Not finishing a 2+ for 1 Pokémon trade.
>There are others, but the above listed are common examples.
(edited 5 years ago)
III. Cloning Standards

Cloning is one of the more popular requests on the boards. Before asking for a clone request, here are a few things to keep in mind:

*Be clear how many clones you want!The general idea is to mention how many clones you want plus the original, i.e. # of clones+original. For example, if I want 2 clones of a Suicune, I would say “I want 2 clones+original.” If I just say I want 2 Suicunes, a Cloner may think I want a clone back (1 clone+original) instead of what I really wanted (2 clones+original).

*Be careful. You should always check a person's Karma before allowing them to clone. Scammers often use new accounts to avoid detection, but those with higher karma (30 or more is a good baseline) are less likely to risk an established account. You may check Specialty Topics to see if they offer cloning services as they may be very trustworthy. Finally, if you have any doubts at all, ask for a collateral Pokémon to hold onto while they're cloning yours. You can never be too careful.

IV. Editing Standards
Editing is the process of modifying an already existing Pokémon’s aspects. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure the requesting process will go smoothly.

1. Use this general form for edit requests. It's easier for editors to tell exactly what you want when you use it. Add more change fields as needed. The example below shows how to fill it out, and word it correctly.



-Change IVs to 31 Sp.A and Speed, 25 in everything else.
-Change OT name to ZeRaTuL
-Change it's moves to Cut, Rest, Roar and Sing.

2. Just know about what's being edited in general. Don't request 32+ IVs, 255 EVs in EVERY stat, male Blisseys, female Latios', or other impossible edits.

3. If you're in a situation where you're getting a hack or edit, remember that the names are case-sensitive. If you put "Bulbasaur" in the nickname area, and you wanted the default name, you'll end up disappointed.

4.Once an editor changes a Pokémon's IVs, nature, Pokémon gender, shiny factor, and/or ability, it will automatically make the Pokémon hacked! Changing the ID/SID of a Shiny Pokémon will also make it hacked and also make the Pokémon unshiny. Changing the Pokémon to have impossible attributes (moves it can’t learn naturally, max stats at 999, impossible ability, etc.) also makes the Pokémon hacked. Also, use common sense. If a Pokémon has something it would not have normally, it is most likely hacked.

5. Before requesting an Edit, make sure you understand the Hacking Standards, as editors can do the same thing as hackers!
V. Hacking Standards

1. Use the form. If you're not in a topic strictly for hack requests, do not post a form until you have someone agree to hack you a Pokémon. A copy of the form will be provided below:

[Hold Item]
[Trainer ID]
[Secret ID]
[Pokérus Infected/Cured/Neither]
Max (Yes/No)
HP: Atk: Def: Sp. Atk: Sp. Def: Speed:
HP: Atk: Def: Sp. Atk: Sp. Def: Speed:
[Contest Stats]
[Trainer Name + Gender]
[Pokéball caught in]
[PP Maxed]
[Met at level]
[Met at place]
[Date Met]
[Egg Received] Day Care Couple
[Date Egg Received]
[Fateful Encounter]

If you don't know what part of this form means, there's a detailed guide on it in the following posts.

2. Don't be lazy/greedy; Hackers aren't here to make Pokémon that you could easily go and catch with the slightest efforts or fake event-only Pokémon that you'll just trade off for something legit. Furthermore, don't waste your hacker's time or your own by filling out the entire form just so you can get an item. If you really need that extra Master Ball or Life orb, just ask someone for one. You don't need a hacker to get items.

3. Hackers DO NOT like to be overwhelmed by a ton of requests at a time. If you see them busy with several other people, wait for things to calm down a little posting your request.

4. Requesters should always review their forms before even posting it. Often times, we encounter people who change details while the editing is already taking place, thus prolonging the process.

5. This is just an extension general of rule 4. If you're in a situation where you're getting a hack or edit, remember that the names are case-sensitive. If you put "Bulbasaur" in the nickname area, and you wanted the default name, you'll end up disappointed.

This is a guide that fully explains how to fill out the form, with a detailed explanation of each field.

You put the species of Pokémon you want here. If the Pokémon has multiple forms like Deoxys or Wormadam, put which form you want here.

[Hold Item]
This is the item you want the hack to be holding. Although some event items can be hacked, all cannot trigger the event, so avoid asking for a hacked event item.

[Trainer ID]
This is the ID number you want the hack to have. You can find yours on your trainer card.

[Secret ID]
Secret ID is just another 5-digit number used to further identify ownership of a Pokémon. It is hidden from anyone without a cheating or save backup device. Unless the OT, OT Gender, ID, and secret ID all match, the summary will say "apparently met at" instead of "met at" and the Pokémon will gain boosted experience as if it were obtained through a trade. If you don't know your secret ID then there's no way the Pokémon will count as yours, so just leave it blank. Alternatively, you could get someone who has a flash cart to tell you your secret ID.

This is the level the Pokémon will be when you receive it.

This is the nature the Pokémon will have. There are 25 of them, 20 of which affect stats.

Will your Pokémon be male or female? Put that here. If it has no gender, put none or leave it blank.

Do you want your Pokémon Shiny? Put yes or no here.

[Pokérus Infected/Cured/Neither]
Will your Pokémon have the Pokérus? Infected means it's still contagious and can spread through your party, cured means the Pokémon will get the effects of Pokérus but won't spread it, and none means it won't be infected at all.
5 years ago#7
Leave this field blank. For hidden power, see the additional notes below.

Max (Yes/No)
This is the "universal" line, if you will. If you want all IVs set to 31, put "Yes". If you want them all set to a number that isn't 31, put "All XX" (X is whatever number you want.) Otherwise, put "No."

HP: Atk: Def: Sp. Atk: Sp. Def: Speed:
This is for separate IVs in each stat. Only use this if you answered "No" to the above field.

Leave this field blank.

Max (Yes/No)
This is the "universal" line, if you will. If you want all EVs set to 255, put "Yes". If you want them all set to a number that isn't 255, put "All XX" (X is whatever number you want.) Otherwise, put "No."

HP: Atk: Def: Sp. Atk: Sp. Def: Speed:
This is for separate EVs for each stat. Only use this if you answered "No" to the above field.

[Contest Stats]
Each contest stat maxes out at 255, so if you want them, just put them down.

This is the nickname your hack will have. If you want the default name (in caps), put "None."

[Trainer Name + Gender]
This the name of the Trainer who caught/hatched it and their gender.

[Pokéball caught in]
This whatever Pokéball you want it to have been captured in. If it was hatched, you'd probably want it in a standard Pokéball so it looks real.

This is what ability the Pokémon will have. It can have any ability, although most will use the default ability.

This is the Pokémon's Moveset. List any 4 moves you want. For Hidden Power, see the additional notes below.

[PP Maxed]
If you want your moves to have more PP, put Yes. More PP is a good thing.

[Met at level]
This is the level it was encountered at.

[Met at place]
This is where you encountered the Pokémon, or where it hatched if it was an egg.

[Date Met]
This is the date it was encountered/hatched. Please use MM/DD/YY Format when posting the date.

[Egg Received] Day Care Couple
This is where you got your egg if you want it to have been hatched. Day Care Couple is already there because 90% of people want it there. If you don't want it hatched, delete Day Care Couple.

[Date Egg Received]
This is the date the egg was received. If you don't want it hatched from an egg, leave this field empty.

[Fateful Encounter]
This just turns "Met at [Met at Place]" into "Had a Fateful Encounter at [Met at Place]" on the meeting info screen in the summary. Yes or No.

Additional Notes:
-If you want Ribbons on a Pokémon, just list the ones you want under the form.

Here is an example of a correctly completed form:

[Pokémon] Deoxys Attack form
[Hold Item] Lagging tail
[Trainer ID]12345
[Secret ID] 52997
[Nature] Docile
[Gender] None
[Shiny] Yes
[Pokérus Infected/Cured/Neither] Infected
Max (No)
HP:1 Atk:2 Def:6 Sp. Atk:31 Sp. Def:31 Speed:0
HP:255 Atk:255 Def:0 Sp. Atk:0 Sp. Def:0 Speed:0
[Contest Stats] Max Tough+Beauty
[Nickname] Epic
[Trainer Name + Gender] Ash + Female
[Pokéball caught in] Safari Ball
[Ability] Truant
-Doom Desire
-Aqua Tail
-Aerial Ace
[PP Maxed] No
[Met at level] 32
[Met at place] Route 3
[Date Met] 6/6/06
[Egg Received] Day Care Couple
[Date Egg Received] 5/31/06
[Fateful Encounter] Yes
5 years ago#8
VI. Specialty Topics

There are special topics on the trade boards that are a formal association of people with similar interests or offer services to traders. These topics are often denoted as guilds, stations, or shops and exist as part of the trade board community. You may join as a member of these topics if those topics allow. Check the topics for membership information.

Do not attempt to make a new guild, station, or shop unless there is need for it. For example, do not create an Editing Guild if there is already a topic that offers editing. Do not create a guild for the sole purpose of chatting. It should contribute to the Trade Boards by informing, helping, or keeping on-topic with trading.

VII. WiFi Problems

Sometimes, there will be trades where two traders may have problems contacting when in the WiFi room. Here are some examples:

1. Trader failed to respond...

This is a common issue with WiFi Trading. This will sometimes happen for some trades and if it occurs, try the following:

>Host the Trade, with VC Off.
>If that fails, let the other person host the trade with VC Off.

If each one fails, both players should log off of WiFi and then log back in! This solves many of the problems. Another step is to re-add each other’s FCs. This solves many errors with Error Code 91010. Otherwise, you can either repeat the above steps or try trading with someone else. Although uncommon, there WILL be connections that won’t ever work so be sure to try to above steps before stopping.

2. When trader A registers trader B’s FC and connects to the WiFi room and trader B says he/she is on WiFi, trader A does not see trader B in the WiFi room.

There are some possibilities for this:

One possibility is that a glitch may have occurred, most commonly known as the trade delay glitch. If a trader enters the WiFi room before the other trader registers the other’s FC, log off and re-add the FC. This will solve most problems.

Another possibility is that trader B did not register trader A’s FC into his/her pal pad. If both traders do not register each other in their pal pad, they may not see each other in the WiFi room.

Another possibility is that trader A or B may have a NEW FC assigned to him/her. This happens when the DS game is used to log on to WiFi with a different Nintendo DS. Trader A and B should make sure that the FC in the Pal Pad matches the FC given in the topic. Update the other trader if this is the case.

In rare cases, both traders may add each other’s FCs and either one or both do not see each other in the WiFi room despite correct FCs. To be safe, both traders should delete the other’s FC from the Pal Pad and re-add.

3. When a trade is about to finish, both users receive a blue screen saying the connection was lost. Both trader A and trader B have the same Pokémon but another Pokémon involved in the trade is lost.

When the connection is lost in the right time during a trade, a Pokémon may be lost and a cloned copy of the other Pokémon appears. If this is the case, then there is no way to recover the lost Pokémon. To be safe, make a cloned version of the Pokémon before trading.

If all else fails, contact your Wireless Router's maker and ask them for step-by-step instructions on how to set up a DMZ connection. DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone and it essentially allows a system to connect to the internet without disabling the entire system's security.
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5 years ago#9
VIII. Tips and Useful Links

A message from CJayC concerning underage users (originally posted on the Pokémon Platinum Trade Boards):

Yes, users who admit they're under 13 get banned.

No, creating topics to bait people into saying they're under 13 (regardless of whether or not they're under 13) is not of any benefit to anyone, and if you do it, you're going to be the one who gets moderated.

Zorua/Zoroark Event:

To get Zorua/Zoroark, you’ll need a Gamestp/WIN2011 Celebi/Raikou/Suicune/Entei.

When transferring those Legends from an older game, make sure to use the Relocator, NOT the PokéTransfer! To unlock the Relocator, check Serebii.

When trading for those Legends, make sure to ask the other trader if he/she has not used the legendary to unlock the event for Zorua/Zoroark. They can only be used ONCE!

How to check if a Celebi or Legendary Beast has not been used?
Check the Summary and check that these are present:

Celebi: “Try taking it to Castelia City.”
Raikou/Suicune/Entei: “Try taking it to Lostlorn Forest.”

GameFAQs Enhancements:

1. GameFOX Extension (Note: You must have Mozilla Firefox to use!):
2. GameChrome Extension (Note: You must have Google Chrome to use!)::

The GameFAQs and GameSpot Relationship
These boards are shared between GameFAQs and GameSpot users. If you are posting from the GameSpot side, please keep in mind users posting from GameFAQs are unable to view GameSpot’s signatures, profiles and private messages. Similarly, GameSpot users are able to view GameFAQs signatures though profiles and private messages are not viewable.

Should a GameFAQs user run out of posts, they have several options at their disposal.

1. Log in to GameSpot with the same information for unlimited posting. This is the preferred method as you do not have to determine which site the user is posting from. In addition, any scams or trade disputes will be available for others to see. The link is provided below.

2. Send a Private Message (PM) to the user in question. You can do so by clicking the “n new messages” at the top right corner of the page. This option is only available for users level 10 or higher. Remember GameFAQs PMs cannot be viewed on GameSpot and vice versa. For Gamespot users, use GameFAQs Private Messaging System. To access the Pokémon Black and White Trade Boards, go here:

3. Check the user’s profile for any possible contact information. Only use this method as a last resort.

Useful Links:

Serebii (Pokémon B/W Information):
Bulbagarden (Pokémon Encyclopedia):
Smogon (Competitive and RNG Information):
Pokémon Nature Information:
EV Information:
IV Information:
IV & Hidden Power Calculator:
Another Hidden Power Calculator:émon/Calculators/HiddenPower.aspx
Dream World Information:
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5 years ago#10
For AR users who continually get a white screen while playing, you need to update your firmware. Links are as follows:

For AR DS:

For AR DSi:

IX. Credits

We would like to thank the original contributors of the Etiquettes and Standards of Hacking/Cloning/Editing Requests topic for the Pokémon Platinum Trade Boards:

We also like to thank:
CJayC: For posting the original underage ban sticky for Pokémon Platinum.
nightgeist_dc17 - For constructing these guidelines.
ShinyLugia - For adding important ideas and definitions.
jinxblog - For proofreading, suggestions, and fixing grammatical errors.
Error1355 (M) - For clarifying the posting of the Gamestop link to the Trade Boards
DetroitDJ (M) - For additional clarification on posting off-site links
themoonreturns - For giving important suggestions.
qwerty272727 - For suggestions.
entie700 - For solutions to WiFi errors.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable time trading on these boards!
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