Read Before Posting! General Trading Guidelines, Revision 2

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Hello and welcome to the Pokémon Black and White Version Trade Boards!
Before posting on this board, you should be aware of the standards for requesting a trade.

Table of Contents
i. Before Trading
ii. The New Trading System
I. Trade Lingo
II. Trade Standards
III. Cloning Standards
IV. Editing Standards
V. Hacking Standards
VI. Specialty Topics
VII. WiFi Problems
VIII. Tips and Tricks
IX. Credits

i. Before Trading

Before you start trading, there are some things you have to do before you initiate your first trade.

1. Set up your WiFi Connection

When you are at the main menu of the Pokémon Black or White game, go to the “Nintendo WiFi Connection” option and make sure your DS is connected to your wireless router. If not, make a new connection and test the connection.

2. Beat the first gym

You must go to Striaton City and defeat the Pokémon Gym Leader there to obtain the Trio Badge.

3. Receive your Pal Pad

Once you obtain the Trio Badge, you must bring a Pokémon that knows Cut and exit Striaton City using the path on the right. Cut the tree down, enter the empty lot and an event will unfold. After this event is over go and get your Pal Pad, which is located in a house in Striaton City diagonally right of the Pokémon Gym. A woman will eventually talk to you about WiFi and obtain your Pal Pad as well as your Friend Code.

4. Using the Pal Pad

The Pal Pad is a key item that holds trader’s Friend Codes and allows you to trade with them while in the WiFi room. There are three options. To check your Friend Roster, click the first option. To add a new Friend Code, check the second option. To check your own Friend Code, click the third option. To do trades on WiFi, both you and the person you are trading with must have each other’s Friend Codes registered in your respective Pal Pads.

5. Entering the WiFi Room

Go to any Pokémon Center and go upstairs where there are 3 ladies behind the counter. Go to the lady in the middle and talk to her. Select the WiFi option where she will ask you to save your game. Do NOT talk to the lady on the left for WiFi trades; the Union Room is for local wireless trades! Having the C-Gear on WILL NOT inprove WiFi communications.

6. Using the WiFi Room

Once connected, there will be a platform with 8 circles (or more if you have many friends) and a computer straight ahead. To initiate a trade, go to the computer and select Trade. To join another trader’s trade invitation, find the other trader’s avatar, go up to it, and press A.

ii. The New Trading System

Once in a trade session, you will notice that you can not only see Pokémon in your party, but the Pokémon in your PC boxes as well.

To start a trade, do the following:

1. Find a Pokémon that you want to put up for trade. Press A when the arrow is over the Pokémon you want. To make the selection, select Trade, or to quickly check it’s stats, press Summary. After pressing Trade, you may press A again to undo your selection or select A on another Pokémon to select another Pokémon. You may put up 3 Pokémon for the other trader to choose from.
2. If you chose 1 or 2 Pokémon and are ready to show them to the other trader, press the glowing light red button at the bottom, with two Poké Balls and two arrows.
3. Once the selections are made, press Okay. You must then wait until the other trader finishes selecting his/her Pokémon.
4. Once both traders finish making their selections, each trader will get to see the other’s selections. You may select a Pokémon from their selection on the left side of your screen or check the Summary on any Pokémon selected, including your own.
5. Once a selection has been made, both traders will see what Pokémon the other has chosen. Press Okay to finalize the trade.