Read Before Posting! General Trading Guidelines, Revision 2

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Here are a few things to keep in mind while trading:

*Pokémon can NOW be traded from your PC boxes instead of trading from just your Party. To move between boxes, simply press L or R. You cannot move Pokémon nor add/remove items while in a trade session.

*Trades are still 1 for 1, that is, one Pokémon can only be traded for one other Pokémon at a time. Group trades, like trading 3 for 3 or 2 for 1 at a time, are not possible in Black/White.

*There are three states a trader can be in:

Selecting... - A trader is still selecting a Pokémon.
Selected - A trader has already selected a Pokémon or set of Pokémon.
Waiting... - A trader wants to exit the trade session and waits for the other to make a decision.

I. Trade Lingo

Here are some Trading Definitions to remember when trading here:

AR - Action Replay.

ATTN - Used in topic titles to capture the attention of a user or users. ATTN: nightgeist_dc17

Clone - A Pokémon that is a copy from the original Pokémon. A Pokémon can be cloned with help from a trader who has an AR. Cloners may or may not be hackers/editors!

Collateral - A Pokémon used for trades that require someone else’s Pokémon to be serviced on, such as a clone, edit, or rare candy. A Collateral Pokémon is usually valuable and would compensate the trader should they fall victim to a scam. A Collateral may be keepable, meaning that the Collateral can be kept even after receiving the serviced Pokémon back, but it is not always the case.

Dream World - A website area where you can upload your Pokémon online to meet other Pokémon and collect items. The English version is set to launch on March 30th, 2011.

Dream World Ability - An ability that a Pokémon may have from the Dream World. These abilities have a chance of being passed on if the Pokémon is female.

Editor - A person who has the ability to edit Pokémon. These people can change the aspect of a Pokémon, such as the nature, nickname, ability, among others. Editors can be hackers.

EV - Effort Values. Like IVs, these are hidden values that determine it’s strength in each of its stats. Unlike IVs, these values can be modified depending on a Pokémon’s training and can range from 0 to 255 in each stat; however, the total EVs on a Pokémon must equal 510 or below.

Events - Pokémon that have been distributed as part of the promotions by Nintendo.

EV Trained (Also denoted by EV’d) - A Pokémon that is trained for competitive battling.

FC - Friend Code. To trade, you must have your first gym badge and obtain a Pal Pad from the Pokémon Center.

File Conversion - A method to turn Pokémon in the game to pkm files on the computer. Used to trade with other file traders or for storage.Only editors can do File Conversions.

Flawless - Usually means a Pokémon that has 31 IVs in each of its stats. Some traders may use it for Pokémon that has 31 in each important stat or a Pokémon that has the highest IVs for a specific HP with base power 70.

FT - For Trade. What someone has to offer. FT: Tepig

Giveaway - A topic that involves giving away Pokémon for little or nothing at all.

Hack/Hacking/Hacked/Hacker - A Hack is a Pokémon or item created from scratch using an external cheat device, preferably with the Hacking Form. The resulting Pokémon or item is considered hacked. Hacked is a term used to denote a Pokémon with an aspect considered illegitimate by the game. Some users do not like trading for hacks, so be honest when it comes to the legitimacy of your Pokémon. A Hacker can create new Pokémon, items, and may have the ability to clone. Hackers cannot be editors since they cannot modify existing Pokémon, only create new ones.