Read Before Posting! General Trading Guidelines, Revision 2

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III. Cloning Standards

Cloning is one of the more popular requests on the boards. Before asking for a clone request, here are a few things to keep in mind:

*Be clear how many clones you want!The general idea is to mention how many clones you want plus the original, i.e. # of clones+original. For example, if I want 2 clones of a Suicune, I would say “I want 2 clones+original.” If I just say I want 2 Suicunes, a Cloner may think I want a clone back (1 clone+original) instead of what I really wanted (2 clones+original).

*Be careful. You should always check a person's Karma before allowing them to clone. Scammers often use new accounts to avoid detection, but those with higher karma (30 or more is a good baseline) are less likely to risk an established account. You may check Specialty Topics to see if they offer cloning services as they may be very trustworthy. Finally, if you have any doubts at all, ask for a collateral Pokémon to hold onto while they're cloning yours. You can never be too careful.

IV. Editing Standards
Editing is the process of modifying an already existing Pokémon’s aspects. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure the requesting process will go smoothly.

1. Use this general form for edit requests. It's easier for editors to tell exactly what you want when you use it. Add more change fields as needed. The example below shows how to fill it out, and word it correctly.



-Change IVs to 31 Sp.A and Speed, 25 in everything else.
-Change OT name to ZeRaTuL
-Change it's moves to Cut, Rest, Roar and Sing.

2. Just know about what's being edited in general. Don't request 32+ IVs, 255 EVs in EVERY stat, male Blisseys, female Latios', or other impossible edits.

3. If you're in a situation where you're getting a hack or edit, remember that the names are case-sensitive. If you put "Bulbasaur" in the nickname area, and you wanted the default name, you'll end up disappointed.

4.Once an editor changes a Pokémon's IVs, nature, Pokémon gender, shiny factor, and/or ability, it will automatically make the Pokémon hacked! Changing the ID/SID of a Shiny Pokémon will also make it hacked and also make the Pokémon unshiny. Changing the Pokémon to have impossible attributes (moves it can’t learn naturally, max stats at 999, impossible ability, etc.) also makes the Pokémon hacked. Also, use common sense. If a Pokémon has something it would not have normally, it is most likely hacked.

5. Before requesting an Edit, make sure you understand the Hacking Standards, as editors can do the same thing as hackers!