Read Before Posting! General Trading Guidelines, Revision 2

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5 years ago #54
Okay then. I will end the topic by summarizing the confirmed suggestions made so far.

-Good job. I think a few definitions could be cleared up, specifically "nature," and perhaps editing "HP", because you don't need a hacker or an IV battle to check your IV's as long as you know your EVs. - FacingTheMusic8

-When using the Relocator the Crown Beast(s) have to be in a box in a Gen IV game, not the party. The Relocator transfers everything it finds, so if you want to keep some of them in a Gen IV game, trade to another game first. A Japanese Raikou or whatever (it has to be the correct event one) works just as well to trigger the Zoroark event in the English version, so I suppose that would apply to the event Celebi for Zorua as well (haven't tried it yet). - arceusmaster900

-Action Replay users CANNOT be editors. This is especially true for Black/White. AR users can only create new Pokemon and items, but cannot modify existing Pokemon unless they have special modifier codes (nature, IV, EV) but even then it's a huge pain to do and only certain codes exist. - nightgeist_dc17

-As you all know, the Pokemon Dream World’s launch has been delayed. When a launch date has been decided, it will be posted at the official site listed below.

Please feel free to send a GameFAQs PM to jinx, night or myself if you have any further contributions. Thanks for your support.
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