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3 years ago#1
Hello! I Am Trying To Do An Egglocke Challenge On My Pokemon Black On My 3DS! If Possible, Would Anyone Be Willing To Donate Some Eggs? Can You Tell Me If This Is Possible? This Is My First Egglocke, And I Would Like Help! Just Respond Below If You Can, And I'll Reply My FC.
3 years ago#2
I just looked in the box that I have in my PC for extra eggs, and I didn't see any that I can get rid of at this time. I HAVE to go to sleep, like 5 minutes ago, but if you still need some eggs this time tomorrow, I'll post here. Let me know how many you need after I post, and I'll breed some bros for you.
Black FC : 2237 4259 9429
3 years ago#3
Thanks So Much! Wow, This Site Gives Fast Results!! :D I Need About... 3-4 Full Boxes. Idk How Im Gonna Get Them, And I Don't Expect You To Get Them All(Im Not Saying You Can't), But Thanks! I Need Anykind Really, Just At Least An Eevee In There! :D
3 years ago#4
Oh, yeah, i will breed some up for you. Just anything, right?
W2 code: JJ 0132 9615 4174
3 years ago#5
I have a ton of eggs taking up space in my pc boxes, do me a favor and take some? Add my W1.
White FC: 2967 3321 6877
White 2 FC: 5115 1327 9708
3 years ago#6
Just anything. I forget if I have to give anything in return?
3 years ago#7
FC: 5415 8563 3029
For Pokemon Black 1

I'm Normally On At 6Pm-1Am Pacific Standerd Time.
3 years ago#8
Though I can go on now if you'd like.
3 years ago#9
Too late now, though breeding would perhaps help me sleep :)

I will catch you later, and yeah you will need stuff to trade, game makes you give 1 for 1
W2 code: JJ 0132 9615 4174
3 years ago#10
Oh my.
That's a lot of eggs.

I'm assuming you'll be wanting as many different ones as possible?
Also, is this a spinoff of a Nuzlocke run, where when a Poke faints, you release it? I ask because it seems like once you get to the 4th and 5th gym, trying to hatch an egg and then level it up to match your other dudes' levels will get pretty difficult.
Black FC : 2237 4259 9429

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