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The Evolution Trade Station Part 709: Surely but slowly!!

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3 years ago#1
Before Posting, READ the GENERAL TRADING GUIDELINES and these next two posts!

Welcome to the ETS, The Evolution Trade Station!

We are a group of members that can offer the following services:

Pokemon Questions
Free Hugs

Free Pokemon/Items (No Shinies/Events)
Pokemon Leveling
Same Generation Transfers
Move Tutoring

Here is our track record from Part 1 to 600:

People Served: 2265
Evolutions: 2492
Leveling: 1652
Clone Requests: 1560
Edits/Checks: 5857
Items 1230+
Pokedex Entries: 530+
Hugs Given: Ninety One


1. Do NOT ask us to HACK!
2. Do NOT call us a GUILD!

3. Anyone can request our services.
4. Edit and Level services REQUIRE a request form!
5. Please say “Thank you” after we serve you.
6. If no one responds to your request for several minutes, please check back later.
7. ETS Members have the right to refuse service to anyone.
8. If you scam, you are banned from the ETS. No exceptions.

[How to Ask for A Service]

Editing and Leveling services REQUIRE the following form:

Current-Final Lv:
Final Moveset:

2 Limited requests per person per day, with the exception of 1 edit request a day. Clone Requests are limited to 6 Pokemon Total (Clone+Original)
Other Services do not require this form, but it is recommended!
Requests cannot be used in conjunction with other requests! (e.g. add item for edits).
If your Pokemon needs to evolve, put it in Directions!

[Editing Guidelines]

1. You may change up to THREE aspects on each Pokemon. IVs, EVs, and Summary Details count as one aspect each. Level and Moveset do not count as aspects! Check Example Forms for details.
2. We will NOT edit a Pokemon with: max stats (e.g. 999 in all stats), illegal moveset, illegal ability, and/or simply change the Pokemon UNLESS it's in the same evolution line! Backward evolutions and leveling requests are allowed.
3. Editors have the right to leave out edits if they don’t follow these Guidelines.

Example Forms:

3 years ago#2

To apply for membership, please send a GameFAQs private message to nightgeist_dc17 or Two-Face asking to join. You must have a good history of trading on the Trading Boards before applying. Here are some membership notes:

1. We periodically remove inactive ETS members from our intro post, but they will remain members of the ETS (unless they scam). To be re-added to the active list, just post more often.

2. Any ETS member can make the next topic so as to avoid a temporary topic but we do prefer members who have access to the intro post template to make new topics.

3. If a member is unable to help someone, PLEASE tell him/her no one is available to help and to return at a later time. Failure to do so may be demoted or even removed from the member list.

[Official Member List]

This is the Official ETS Member List. These members are confirmed to help in the ETS and aid other traders with their needs. The rankings are as follows:

Trainee Evolvers: New ETS members.

Established Evolvers: ETS Members that have contributed quite a bit to the ETS as a Trainee Evolver.

1337volvers: A high rank achieved in the ETS. These are members that have contributed a great deal.

Leaders: The Bread winners :)

[Active Members List]



|Established Evolvers|

|Trainee Evolvers|

Full Member List can be found here:

VII: Credits

Major thanks goes to ShinyLugia for creating the first ETS topic on January 18th, 2008 and helping peeps as much as possible. Big thanks to Night for helping customers and keeping the ETS alive for more than 3 years. Thank you everyone who has helped and those who have been helped to keep us relevant on the boards. I hope our services can be utilized to your needs! ^_^

3 years ago#3
Posting and now going lol
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3 years ago#4
Any editors available? =/
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3 years ago#5
I am also in need of an available editor.
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3 years ago#6
Wow... the ETS is still going? That's awesome!
Keep up the great work guys and gals! :D
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3 years ago#7
Good afternoon.
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3 years ago#8
Hm. Could I get my Feebas and Seadra evolved please?
I have the items already.
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3 years ago#9
Yep. My friend code is 3525-1346-9917.
Fry: Attention New New Yorkers: stop acting so stupid!
3 years ago#10
Alright, I will be on momentarily.
How does one go about keeping faith in humanity? I keep losing mine....
Black 2 FC: 4513-9150-7298
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