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The Dream World Paradise V.24-What do Pokemon dream about?

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2 years ago#181
Well, I need to step out for lunch It's 3:00 here and I need to get something in my stomach before it gets too close to dinner time I'll be back
Unova Pokedex: Completed! National Pokedex: Seen 599 Obtained: 531 Founder of Dream World Paradise W2 FC: 0992 3027 8140
2 years ago#182
Enjoy, Ike! =]
2 years ago#183
Ike2100 posted...
Auranel is one of our best customers gp and even when I don't have something she always finds something I do have that I can help her with and never complains she's just really sweet and gracious. I get a lot of joy helping her with this and I'm sure you will too <3

That's the best kind of customer I could ask for lol Anyway, I'm out for now. Later you two.
Pokemon White 2 FC: 3912-5390-4626.
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2 years ago#184
Bye both! It's late here over the pond. =]
2 years ago#185

Bullet Seed

FC: 4600-0094-0027
2 years ago#186
Forgot to mention nickname it Vee [the eevee]
2 years ago#187
Hello DWP I have a request
neutrual nature
black2 FC-0820 5010 0853
2 years ago#188
Hi guys! This is my first time here, but I'm in a pinch and need an accelgor for the national tournament...

If someone could help me out with a

Pokemon: Shelmet
Ability: Overcoat
Nature: Timid
Egg moves: Encore (From a Shuckle)

Of course I can totally breed for the nature if I were given a female, so that works for me too.

Thank you so so so so much!!!

(And sorry I don't know how to lead contact info)
FC: 3096 4930 9172
Cell w/ text: 805-888-9036
2 years ago#189

I am able to provide breedable Dream World Females and Black 2 / White 2 Move Tutoring. I cannot provide Natures, IVs, or Egg Moves for the DWFs. I cannot provide Dream World PokeMon that is Male or Genderless Only.
B1 FC: 4643-0142-3709 ~ YunNeto | B2 FC: 1207-0404-0469 ~ Tempest = Trades | DWP Volunteer ~ Jobs Done: 129
2 years ago#190
Hello DWP! First timer her requesting from DWP so I'll give it the ol' college try! I would like to request the following DWF please. Thank you for your time! ^_^

Request Form:
Ability: Shell Armor
Moves: not neccesary
Nature: not neccesary
IVs: not neccesary
FC: in my sig
Name Mike W2 FC 1206-7282-5435
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