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Giving away some DWFs

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2 years ago#1
I'm currently giving away DWF: Buneary, Shinx, Shellos (blue), Munna, Durant, Combee, Delibird, Kingler, Horsea, Lapras, Qwilfish, Swinub, Whimsur, Burmy, Staravia, Weedle, Pichu, Cleffa, Vulipix, Torkoal, Dunsprace, Heatmor, Timburr, Igglybuff, Pachirisu, Riolu, Skitty, Darumaka, and Sigilyph.

I have 1 of each available. I'll give away 3 per person at the moment.

I'm also interested in a DW Staryu if anyone is interested in trading me one.

My FC is 2237-7532-7281
2 years ago#2
Bunery?? Ill take one, i really need one.

What do you want for it
2 years ago#3
Whatever you don't need. I just need to clear some box space and don't want delete anything if someone else can use them. I can meet you in the wi-fi room in a few minutes if you want.
2 years ago#4
If I could please request the Lapras, Shinx, & Shellos. I'm sorry I do not have a DW Staryu. Would you like junk pokes in return? Thank you very much for this opportunity! ^_^
Name Mike W2 FC 1206-7282-5435
2 years ago#5
Sold!!!! Ill just give anything then.

Cool ill be a few minutes as well, just found gmy gliscor ive been looking for
2 years ago#6
@mike: I'll add your FC code and meet you in a couple minutes.

@Becca: I can meet you too, but I need your FC.
2 years ago#7
My FC is 3354 4918 8054 let me know when youre good to go
2 years ago#8
Also, junk pokes are fine mike.
2 years ago#9
Cool cool, ive added you and im in
2 years ago#10
cornerofmadness posted...
Also, junk pokes are fine mike.

Cool Thank you very much! If I do come across a DW Staryu I'll let you know. Is any other DWF you need?
Name Mike W2 FC 1206-7282-5435

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