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LF: P Hills Mewtwo and Movie Shiny Genesect

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2 years ago#1

I have a fair amount of Event Pokemon for trade.

They are:
Pikachu Events:
Satoshi's Pikachu (07150) (UT)
Nzone Pikachu Bashful (10278) (UT)
NOK Pikachu (07249) (UT)
Ario Pikachu Bashful (11219) (UT)
Onemuri Pikachu Relaxed (02079) (UT)
Colusseum Bonus Disc Pikachu (31121) (UT)
McDonalds Pikachu (05308) (UT)

Meowth Events:
Osaka Meowth (03209) (UT)

Kangaskhan Events:
GCEA3 Tokyo Kangaskhan Mild (60114) (UT)

Dragonite Events:
Saikyou Dragonite (01158) (UT) *

Mewtwo Events:
FEB2012 Mewtwo (02112) (UT)

Mew Events:
Susumu Mew Adamant (11219) (UT)
MYSTRY Mew Timid (06930) (UT)

Pichu Events:
PRI2010 Pichu (03050) (UT)
Gamestop Pichu Jolly (01300) (UT)
Shokotan Pichu (06199) (UT)
Stamp Pichu Bashful (30821) (UT)
Wish Pichu (UT)
12th Anniversary Red/Green Pichu [HATCHED!!!] (UT)

Togepi Events:
E-Card Togepi Sassy (08756) (UT)

Scizor Events:
Goon's Scizor (06180) (UT)

Raikou Events:
Crown Raikou (06180) (UT)
Distant Land Raikou Lonely (UT)

Entei Events:
Crown Entei (06180) (UT)
10ANIV Entei (06227) (UT)

Suicune Events:
Crown Suicune (06180) (UT)

Lugia Events:
Distant Land Lugia Bashful (UT)

Ho-oh Events:
Batoruyama Ho-oh Bashful (10048) (UT)

Celebi Events:
Eigakan Celebi (07100) (UT)
Ageto Celebi Adamant (31121) (UT)

Zigzagoon Events:
SAPHIRE Zigzagoon Rash (30317) (UT)
RUBY Zigzagoon (30317) (UT)

Slaking Events:
Akiyama Slaking Adamant (01069) (UT)

Flygon Events:
BABA Flygon Naive (07018) (UT)

Milotic Events:
VGC09 Milotic Timid (05099) (UT)
Saikyou Milotic (12157) (UT)

Absol Events:
Stamp Absol Calm (30821) (UT)
Wish Absol Hasty (owner's id#) (UT)

Salamence Events:
Saikyou Salamence Naughty (02158) (UT)

Metagross Events:
Red Metagross (02109) (UT)

Rayquaza Events:
NoK Rayquaza Hardy (05318) (UT)

Jirachi Events:
Tanabata Jirachi Hasty (08188) (UT)
NZ Jirachi Docile (06199) (UT)
WISHMKR Jirachi Relaxed (20043) (UT)
CHANNEL Jirachi Careful (40122) (UT)
Gamestop Jirachi (02270) (UT)
PKLATAM Jirachi (03010) (UT)

Deoxys Events:
10th Deoxys (07147) (UT)
Gamestop Deoxys Brave (06218) (UT)

Riolu Events:
KYLE Riolu Serious (03208) (UT)

Magmortar Events:
Pikacafe Magmortar (06298) (UT)
PKTOPIA Magmortar Modest (06257) (UT)

Manaphy Events:
NZ Manaphy (08110) (UT)
Mizunotami Manaphy (12226) (UT)

Darkrai Events:
Eigakan Darkrai Bold (07147) (UT)
2012MAY Darkrai (05092) (UT)

Arceus Events:
Eigakan Arceus (07189) (UT)
Michina Arceus Adamant (11059) (UT)

Victini Events:
Movie 14 Victini (12031) (UT)
Eind Victini (04161) (UT)

Reshiram Events:
SPR2012 Reshiram (03102) (UT)

Zekrom Events:
SPR2012 Zekrom (03102) (UT)

Keldeo Events:
Shokotan Keldeo (06232) (UT)
SMR2012 Keldeo (08272) (UT)
WIN2013 Keldeo (01163) (UT)

Meloetta Events:
SPR2013 Meloetta (03013) (UT)

Genesect Events:
Plasma Genesect (10072) (UT)

Secret Eggs Events:
Cilan's Pansage Egg (UT)
Ash's Pidove Egg (UT)
Iris's Axew Egg (UT)

Please and thank you. :D
3DS FC: 0903 - 2787 - 6804
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