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Ace Breeding Center V.132 "Dis be the only breeding topic you need B-)"

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2 years ago#1
Welcome to the Ace Breeding Center where we assist in completing your PokeDex.
We can breed any Level 1 Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Larvesta and the only thing that we ask for in return is junk to make the trade. Sorry, but Unown, Dittos and Legends can not be bred.

We do not breed Dream World Pokemon here, if you want a DW Pokemon please take your request to Dream World Paradise. Thank you
Here we do all sorts of breeding, if one of our members can do it than they are allowed to do so as long as it is breeding and not Hacking.

Even if you have Black 2 or White 2, we can still help you out as Pokemon can be traded with Black and White as well.
1. All members and visitors will be treated with RESPECT! No flaming, trolling, etc. and always use proper grammar in order for services you request to be properly understood. If you are a visitor and disrespect other visitors or members you will be BLACKLISTED. If you have a problem with someone or their behavior tell them (appropriately) and/or report the specific post that offended you.

2. If you are a visitor or member and have a request, please read and fill out the proper service application format that is provided below. IF YOU DO NOT THEN YOUR REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED! Plain and simple, if you canít use our form, we canít fill your request, no excuses!

3. We are a breeding center if you need other services please look somewhere else.

4. We are an open Center. If you wish to join, fill out the form under recruitment. Any and all breeders are welcome. However, we do reserve the right to refuse an application.

5. The members here are giving their time up to help you, if you get a request filled, please say thank you. Posting up the Smiley at the end of a trade doesnít count. Also once your request has been filled, you will have 15 minutes to make arrangements with that person to pick up your Pokemon. Once itís past the 15 minutes, they are free to release your Pokemon or make you wait for it. Offenders may be BLACKLISTED.
6. We will not discriminate against anyone here at ABC as we are here to help you out.
7. We Breed here, there will not be ANY Hacking of Pokemon.
8. Since we are a breeding center there are a few Pokemon that we canít provide:


Sorry, but they arenít able to be bred. Though some of us may use a Ditto to breed other Pokemon. Specific aspects such as gender, nature, egg moves, abilities, or IVs may be requested, but not all breeders will be able to fulfill those specific aspects and they take additional time, so your request will not be filled as quickly and may not be doable at all depending on which of our members are available.
9. Some requests may take longer to fill than others, like if you want 6 Pokemon on your request, if someone doesnít respond to you within a few minutes, please check back with us later to see if someone is working on it.

10. Items may not be available to trade with the Pokemon. (i.e. Waterstone, Dragon Scale, etc.)
11. Since we are breeding the Pokemon, youíll be getting a Level 1 first form Pokemon unless the person that is filling your request says otherwise.

12. Anyone is able to make a request from us here. However, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

13. We take junk for trading you the Pokemon that you request, please no eggs or something that is worth anything. Most of us like to release the junk to be able to have room in our PC Boxes. Thank you
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2 years ago#2
Here is a list of our members: (Please note that this area is under construction at all times and can change at anytime.) At some times there may not be anyone here to fill request.

CptNilesXavier Ė All first level Pokemon, basics only no nature, gender, ability or IV breeding.

General Managers:

Topic Monitor:
Mothership1953Ė Breeding for genders, some Egg Moves and some IV breeding
Biggmack09- IV's, Abilities, Gen 4 moves, natures and egg moves.
Breeding Manager:
lucariopikmin Ė Breeding for Gender, IVs, Nature (also for eggs) and Ablility

Part-Time Manager:

Ike2100 Ė Basic breeding and more (also Founder of Dream World Paradise)

*Only managers and CEO are allowed to make official topics, if none are available then anyone can make a temporary topic without the starter until a topic can be made.*


teamkyoufuu - Gender, some natures, some IVs, egg moves

Part-Time Members (These members may or may not be around.)

Prof_J - Nature, Ability, Some Egg Moves, EV Training
starraid - basic breeding
jspamams (jspamax) - genders and abilities
A792 - natures and IVs
Viridipalm_user - 2-3 IVs, Natures, if lucky abilities. Sometimes moves too if I have parents
EpicDragonite - Gender, Nature, Ability, and some IVs (Up to four per pokemon)
MusicM4st3r - Sometimes gender and some egg moves.
Comicfan2010 - basic breeding. Some egg moves.

If you join up and do not do a request within one week of joining, your name will be removed.

If someone goes inactive over a long period of time, their name may be removed without warning as well. However, these people can join again by signing up again. But theyíll start again from the bottom.

Trading specialist (Helps out when a trade canít be completed between 2 people):


Different members can offer different Pokemon that they can breed. Please keep this in mind before you post as that request may not be able to be filled until a later time.
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2 years ago#3
Here are our forms:
Dex Number: (National Dex please)
Egg or hatched: (Hatched will get the extra exp points from a traded Pokemon, egg will get you as the OT.)
FC: (if you donít have it in your signature.)

*If you donít have the National Dex yet, please go to and click on the link to the B/W PokeDex to get the number.*

Attention Everyone
If you want your Pokemon in an Egg you can not request any of the following: Gender, Egg Moves, Ability, Nature, IVs or Items. We must hatch the egg to be able to check for these or give an item.

Community Run Egg Request:

Number of eggs wanted, needed:

Also, you can have 6 Pokemon per request if youíre just asking for basic or if you want one of the following, Gender, Egg Moves, Ability, Nature or one of the IVs on a Pokemon.

If you want two of these the limit is 3 Pokemon per request.

If you want three or more of those then you can only request 1 Pokemon per request.

However, if you wish, you can request again once the first request has been filled but that does not mean that it will be filled. We reserve the right to refuse to do a request for certain people if we so desire.

Please note that we can offer all breedable Pokemon however we can only get the Basic Pokemon for you. If you want certain genders, nature, ability or egg moves, you may not be able to have your request filled.
The person that is taking your request will quote your request to let you know that they are doing it then and may do so again to let you know that they are ready.

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I am the best in the world at everything i FC:3955 7973 3333
2 years ago#4
Interested in joining up with us??? Just fill out this form:
GameFAQs Name:
What breeding can you do?: (Gender, nature, abilityÖ. Etc.)

If you want to be a member of Ace Breeding Center, you must be at level 30 on GameFAQs and have unlimited posts. Otherwise, you can make request for services.


1. C-Gear OFF
2. Enter WFC, Voice Chat OFF (Press X once you get into WFC.)
3. Look for the jumping Avatar that is seeking a Trade. Do not contact an Avatar that isnít jumping, you wonít be able to get a connection if the other person isnít ready.
4. If youíre not able to get a connection at first, exit and then re-enter the Wi-Fi Club. If it DOES NOT work, RESTART your DS and re-enter.

Please do not get on Wi-Fi (WFC) until the person that is doing your request says that they are ready as the longer that you are waiting on WFC the better chance that you will not be able to get a connection to the other person.

Please know that if you have a DSi or 3DS that your system has a FC as well. If you want to trade, youíll need the FC from your Pokemon game not your game system.

Just to let everyone know, even though we may be chatting here, request come first. If you have a request please go ahead and post it and someone will take it for you. Here at ABC the request comes first and chatting comes second to that.

Please note that once a topic gets to post #480 (maybe sooner) we will cut off any new request until the next topic so that the request doesnít get ignored. Any request made after this point may need to be posted again on the new topic in order to be filled. Any request made before this point will be filled unless otherwise said so.


We now have a chat room so if you donít have a request, feel free to come chat with us. Here is the link: (Please copy and paste to get there.)

Attention all Members

If youíre logged into the chat, we ask that you take the time to do requests that you are able to do on topic. If youíre taking the time to be in chat, you should be able to take request.

Attention, Attention, Attention, Attention

We will be open as long as members are available to take requests. If no members are available then we will be closed until a member can be here to fill requests. Also services available are limited to what the members on at the time are able to do. Thank you.

If you post a request during the time that no one is here, your request will go unanswered.

Thank you

Let the Request begin.
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2 years ago#5
@basesandboards: You're welcome :)
B2 FC:3998-6276-2421
Member of the Ace Breeding Center
2 years ago#6
The ABC is closed for now if any members are around to help they will reply to your request
Boycotting Gen 6 and future gens if Mewtwo is given Fairy as a 2nd type.
I am the best in the world at everything i FC:3955 7973 3333
(message deleted)
2 years ago#8
Dex Number: 90
Egg or hatched: Hatched
FC: 1765 2233 5013

I'd also like to request that it be Jolly natured and have 31 IVs in Attack and Speed
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2 years ago#9
FC: 0090 3705 4892
2 years ago#10
Good afternoon everyone.
B2 FC:3998-6276-2421
Member of the Ace Breeding Center
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