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LF Non-USA Fem DW Dratini

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2 years ago#1
This is my first time using the trade board, so please excuse me if I do anything wrong.

I have a shiny Dragonite that I got from Benga after clearing White Treehollow, but it has Inner Focus instead of the much superior Multiscale, so I'm hoping to breed for a new one that's both shiny and has Multiscale. To accomplish that I need a female Dratini from the Dream World, originating from someplace outside the United States. Nature and IVs aren't a problem, as if my request wasn't specific enough already.

I can try to cook up something in exchange on request, but right now what I have available are:
Mewtwo (71, Gentle)
Electrike (Male, 1, Timid, Flame Burst)
Ralts (Male, 1, Adamant, Confuse Ray and Mean Look)
Celebi (50, Impish)
Riolu (Male, 1, Serious, Hi Jump Kick and Blaze Kick)
Keldeo (15, Sassy, Sacred Sword)
Ho-Oh (45, Bold)
Skarmory (Male, 35, Adamant, Sky Attack)
Gible (Female, 20, Adamant)
Larvesta (Male, 1, Modest, Solarbeam)
Horsea (Male, 25, Modest, Sniper)
Emboar (Female, 63, Quirky) (Japanese origination)
Lopunny (Female, 18, Quiet) (Japanese origination)
Playing) FE: Awakening, Guild Wars 2. Skyrim, Pokemon White 2, Harvest Moon 11
Waiting) Pokemon XY, Batman: Arkham Origins, Titanfall, PvZ Garden Warfare
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