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Female HA Eevee giveaway! Day two.

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3 years ago#1
Greetings Everyone!

In celebration of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y's release in just two weeks, I plan to give away 6 female Eevees with their hidden abilities.

Everyday until Saturday October 5th I will create a new topic on this board. This new topic will contain a question that I will use to decide the winner for that day. Once the topic is created you have 24 hours to post your response.

Saturday the 5th at 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, I will be here to distribute rewards to the winners.

You will receive a PM from me when you have been declared a winner. Winning answers are to be well thought out and insightful.

Today's Question:

What pokemon is your most hated, and how would you fix it's flaws.

Congratulations to our previous winner:
3 years ago#2
How do we answer? Send you a PM or post it here?
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3 years ago#3
ill take one
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xatu is so cool but Bisharp is beauty. Psychc type specialist for new battling center looking for good trainers
3 years ago#4
Dunsparce it needs to needs a special atk type. Maybe dragon or fairy
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3 years ago#5
I don't really hate any Pokemon, but I want to give poor Flareon a better movepool. Especially Flare Blitz.
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3 years ago#6
Post submissions here. People with compelling entries will have their names put into a draw and randomly selected each day. Participate each day for your best chances at winning.
3 years ago#7
I also don't 'hate' any particular pokemon
But if I must, then my answer is aron
Its not that I really hate the little guy, I even use a competitive Aggron
It doesn't really have a flaw, but seeing how sturdy, endeavour, and sandstrom works, it is rather overpowering in single and rotation battles. It can easily wipe out teams without multi-strike moves, mold-breaker, fake out, or ghost pokemon.
How to fix that: Perhaps make endeavour lower the enemy's hp to the proportion of the user's hp, not the actual hp itself. Or, make it so that every pokemon in wifi battles are at the same level (50 or 100) so its not possible to use a lv.1 aron.
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3 years ago#8
Garboner (or whatever his name is, I hate this pokemon so much I'm not even sure). I mean really? A pile of garbage is supposed to be someones lifetime companion/friend? I hope whoever came up with this pokemon was fired or flogged or something awful. Gamefreak just got lazy with this one.
As for how to make it better... make it not a pile of freaking garbage. Make it anything else in the universe and that would be an improvement. Thanks for the chance to vent some of my hatred for this pokemon. Really hope I win :)
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3 years ago#9
The pokemon I woud have to say that I hate most is a tie between Jynx and Drowzee. Jynx could use better attack and defense stats, or even better sp. attack and defense stats; a speed boost would help as well. It could even use a better Dream World ability than Dry Skin, say Shadow Tag or something that would power up ice attacks like Snow Warning.

As far as Drowzee's concerned, while a respectable psychic type, it could use a boost as far as defenses go. One of the mega stones might work or an ability like Magic Guard or Wonder Guard.
3 years ago#10
Simply put, Ash's Pikachu.

He's the most Iconic pokemon of the series and yet he still has difficulty winning fights. Not only that, but he refused to evolve into Raichu, which I actually love as a pokemon. Pikachu means very well yes, and has the courage of an army, but he is just shown as so WEAK at times that it makes me go "double U tee Eff, mate?".

To fix him I would simply have him evolve. I think at this rate he should have maxed his speed (what Brock was arguing about way back in the day) so the only thing left is his power. I just believe that by evolving him he would become one of the strongest Pokemon in the series based on his experience.
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