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Pokemon Platinum Trading Boards are dead. I need help!

#11Ike2100Posted 10/10/2013 2:02:20 PM
nel107 posted...
Ike2100 posted...
I do have Masterballs so.I can help. Add my new Platinum FC I just got which is 4170 7184 9433 and I'll need yours

EDIT: Nevermind just added the one you posted in the first post and I'm on WFC waiting for you now

Thank you Ike. ^-^

You're welcome. It felt so strange actually trading in Gen IV online again I haven't done it in forever and I just so happened to be in a non restricted Wi-Fi spot I mean I don't play Gen IV much anymore but I haven't traded or dome anything online for that matter in those games in forever ago and my Wi-Fi security at home is too strong so I can't connect the game online at home
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