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LF Events! Ft my own events

#1felicaPosted 12/1/2013 11:42:47 PM
With pokebank being less then a month away i figured it was time to go back to my white 2 and complete my legendary/event collection in time to pass them on to x/y. I got into the 5th VERY late and cause of that only was able to get a small handful of events.

These are the ones i have available to trade. Im just going by the OT. Don't remember the offical name of the events.

WIN2013-Keldeo-Lv 50-Docile
PKLATAM-Jirachi-Lv 5-Lonely
Plasma-Deoxys-Lv 100-Gentle
SPR2013-Meloetta-Lv 50-Bashful
SUM2013-Shiny Giratina-LV 100-Brave

Willing to trade these for any events im missing. Very interested in toys r us mew and arceus.
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