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Looking back.

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2 years ago#1
Looking back on everything I have done on here it seems like way less then what I did around here.
Hodor is love Hodor is life
2 years ago#2
this topic is for everyone to reflect back on the good or bad they may have done on this board.
Hodor is love Hodor is life
2 years ago#3
I remember my giveaways.

It was short lived, as my AR broke, and with it, my method of getting pokemon to give away.

I had some good times here, though.
I won't forget that.
I met some great people here.
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2 years ago#4
I enjoyed this board so much more than I enjoy the XY board. Rarely was it as chaotic. And less "gimmie, gimmie".
Fun times for sure.
Much easier to find legit pokemon, or atleast users that were trustworthy.
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2 years ago#5
I enjoyed this board more than X/Y too because it always seemed like people enjoyed trading. I had lots of fun with my Dream World Stantler giveaway around New Years (named after Santa's reindeer) and going to Acid and Fove's pawn shop and evolution trade station (ETS) for pokemon I couldn't get elsewhere. I even participated in a couple of pawn shop giveaways; still don't have the heart to use any of them in battle (even though I love the color of the shiny Ponyta's mane and my purplish Cubchoo). I also did trades with players who wanted certain pokemon sometimes for pokemon I needed to complete my pokedex and, when done with that, for pokemon I could release into the wild. The thanks I received from other players for my trades was heartwarming, especially from one trader who found it incredible that I'd managed to breed a calm Togepi with Serene Grace for him. HIs gratitude was a much better gift than anything I received on Christmas Day. I really do miss those days but life goes on.

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