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3 years ago#21
We're getting our tests back today. I'm scared guys.
3 years ago#22
3 years ago#23
Last test tomorrow, not that it matters. We get to drop our lowest test score and I've already secured at least a 94% test average from the first 3 tests. As of now, I need at least a 79% on the final to get an A in the class, but that 79% will go down after my 91 from test one gets replaced by the better grade I'll get on test four.

I'm scared guys.
3 years ago#24
I know your pain, p2p. Been working at uni throughout July (not by choice) and it's a real b****.
3 years ago#25
Damn, I feel like I did worse than 91 on today's test...

3 years ago#26
I got a 94 on test 4 so I'm dropping my 91 from test 1. 96, 95, and 94 averages out to 95%. 4 days to go and I'll get back to breeding burmys.
3 years ago#27
The final is tomorrow. I'm so happy this is almost done. The extra credit is due today. I did it even though I don't need it.
3 years ago#28
Finished my final. Now I just need to wait until Tuesday for the class results to be posted online.
3 years ago#29
I got an A. Now I just need to do it all over again in the fall. It'll be tougher, and it'll be easier.
3 years ago#30
Man this guy really likes schooling. The Handsome Scholar.

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