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#161AlI_About_The_UPosted 11/9/2013 8:43:25 PM(edited)
Miami Lolrricanes get blown out at home by the Hokies, Miami Heat lose in hilarious fashion (seriously you should watch the last five seconds of that game), and I am now hitting the bottle.
#162_KGC_Posted 11/10/2013 1:15:53 PM
The Knicks.

They suck. :(
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."
- Yogi Berra
#163colourmecrazy(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2013 2:02:06 PM
hey ramar

It is what it is and it's how it's gon be. But all the ups and downs will soon be worth it, when I get there.
#164colourmecrazy(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2013 3:40:58 PM

bargs with the 10/10 pick
I wish somebody made guidelines, on how to get up off the sidelines.
#165RamarPosted 11/10/2013 5:04:22 PM
colormecrazy posted...
hey ramar


Behave yourself, you forgotten last week already?

Beat your mugs and still above you. Get back in your box.
Good old Arsenal. We're proud to say that name.
While we sing this song. We'll win the game.
#166AlI_About_The_UPosted 11/11/2013 10:50:55 PM
Offensive line has never looked worse. I miss that racist big bully jerk already. I don't actually think he is racist though.
#167AlI_About_The_UPosted 11/13/2013 3:12:43 AM
So this was making the rounds on #FinsTwitter last night:

Jeff Ireland. I called and left a voice mail politely asking him to fire himself. Very tame compared to what some of the others on #FinsTwitter were doing, especially through e-mail. It's not gonna be good to be Jeff Ireland this morning.

Oh yeah and Josť FernŠndez won NL rookie of the year. Gonna miss him when he's not a Marlin anymore.
#168AlI_About_The_UPosted 11/13/2013 4:01:55 AM
Oh and some trivia: All NBA teams that lost yesterday scored 95 points. That's mad spooky, yo.
#169AlI_About_The_UPosted 11/18/2013 4:12:29 AM
Almost forgot this weekend's South Florida Handegg update. Lolphins' offensive line was kinda bad but not horrible. It's nice to see what Tannehill does when his line isn't horrible. Mike Wallace was for involved a bit more too. Nice boon. Although I think at this point it's best for Miami to just tank for a higher draft pick. Hopefully Jeff Ireland won't be making these draft decisions this offseason. I will drop meaner voice mails, if I have to.

Lolrricanes. Oh man, dey Lolrricanes. If your football program is losing to Duke's football program, your team might be the worst. At least I won't have to see Miami get wrecked by FSU twice in a season.
#170AlI_About_The_UPosted 11/20/2013 4:00:28 AM

That's not really terribly interesting. Someone post something.