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3 years ago#31
Woo, Detroit!
3 years ago#32

I missed a great comeback win because of Zimmerman. Comeback wins for the Marlins are rarer than Giancarlo Stanton not playing all mopey. His mopeyness is something of a meme in South Florida sports talk. Mopey McGee.

FUN FACT: The Nationals have a Zimmerman and a Zimmermann on their roster. They are Zimmermenn.
3 years ago#33

Also I heard that there was a no hitter yesterday. That's a pretty big deal right
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3 years ago#34
From: Ezlab | #033
Also I heard that there was a no hitter yesterday. That's a pretty big deal right

Yes, it is. But I didn't even hear about it because Twitter was clogged with a lot of Zimmerman and a little bit of the Syfy original movie, Sharknado.
3 years ago#35
Thought you guys might like this:
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3 years ago#36
1. Real Madrid
2. Manchester Unitied
3. Barcelona
4. Yankees
5. Cowboys
6. Patriots
7. Dodgers
8. Redskins
9. NY Giants
10. Arsenal
11. Red Sox
12. Bayern Munich
13. Texans
14. NY Jets
15. Eagles
16. Bears
17. 49ers
18. Packers
19. Ravens
20. Colts
21. Ferrari
22. Broncos
23. Knicks
24. Steelers
25. Dolphins
26. Carolina Panthers
27. Seahawks
28. Tampa Bucs
29. Titans
30. Chiefs
31. Cubs
32. Lakers
33. Leafs
34. Browns
35. Vikings
36. Saints
37. AC Milan
38. Chargers
39. Cardinals
40. Chelsea
41. Phillies
42. Bengals
43. Lions
44. Falcons
45. Mets
46. Bills
47. Bulls
48. McLaren
49. San Francisco Giants
50. Oakland Raiders
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3 years ago#37
From: colormecrazy | #036
25. Dolphins

I am surprised by this. I did not think the Dolphins would be among the top 25 in the world in value, and I did not think they would be right next to the Steelers.
3 years ago#38
Aye, I didn't want to see Mike Miller leave. Damn CBA. Gonna miss this dude.
3 years ago#39
Whoa bump
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3 years ago#40
Marlins went 37 straight innings without scoring, a streak they broke last night, thankfully. Since the All-Star break, Marlins have reverted from "really awful" to "entirely unwatchable" mode. I will continue watching because I am a dumb fan.

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