First day of school

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User Info: pokemon2poker

3 years ago#1
Unfortunately, I'm on academic probation so I can't take more more than 6 units for the semester. Don't worry guys, I'll be free from academic probation after this semester. Anyways, this semester I'll be taking precalc, and a swimming class.

User Info: pokemon2poker

3 years ago#2
So far the teacher is 7 minutes late, and everyone in the class is silent except for this guy and this girl behind me who won't shut the f*** up. I can't wait until they fizzle out of the class.

Is this really what I get for not sitting in the back of the class?

User Info: Unintelligent

3 years ago#3
A cooler person would have joined in the conversation.

User Info: GalladetheGreat

3 years ago#4
I thought you took linear algebra or something a few months ago?
Don't get mad, get gllad.

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