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#111EzlabPosted 10/12/2013 10:15:22 AM(edited)
Here's my 2013 list so far:
(This is all the albums I've listened to in 2013 btw)

This year has been great for music so far, with the top 10 being really good albums and 11-15 being not bad. Better than 2012 and MUCH better than 2011 (but 2011 was an all around terrible year for music anyway).

And I didn't buy Pokemon because I'm not a baby anymore

jk i'm too poor to afford a new console right now T_T
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#112ghj1Posted 10/12/2013 10:09:23 AM(edited)
Whoaaaa MCHG is wayyy too high on that list. Hov was about as subpar as it gets on that album. His rapping is pretty much just him saying "ugh" and riding on his laurels now. Nothing impressive lyrically, and only a couple song's production impressed me. You just a big Jay-Z fan or what? Maybe I didn't give it a fair chance. Glad to see Born Sinner that high, I forgot to say that one.

(after that edit my comment may be irrelevant so take it as you will)
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#113EzlabPosted 10/12/2013 10:21:54 AM(edited)
Every night before I go to sleep I pray to Hov and Yeezus to forgive me for my sins.

Seriously though, even though Jay phoned in his verses for some songs, there were still a lot of great songs on it like BBC, Oceans, Somewhere in America, Tom Ford, Picasso Baby, etc etc. Imo the great songs heavily outweigh the bad ones. I'd put it above Kingdom Come, and slightly above American Gangster and BP3.

Also Yeezus wasn't as good as I hoped it would be.
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#114ghj1Posted 10/12/2013 11:49:44 AM
Bound 2, On Sight, I'm In It, Black Skinhead, and New Slaves were my favorites on that album. Lots of memorable lines, but I wasn't too impressed by the rest of the album. Blood on the Leaves gets a lot of hype, but ehhhh. I did really like Holy Grail on MCHG (JT falsetto too stronk), Tom Ford's beat too. I'll give it another try, but no results guaranteed.
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#115Ramar(Topic Creator)Posted 10/12/2013 2:24:15 PM
ghj1 posted...
Anyone got any first impressions to share about Pokemon X or Y? I might have to pick one of them up, but I've not been following its release at all...

Played about five hours today, that's what happens on saturday with no football or beer tokens... Anyway, it's fun. Lots of small improvements that make it noticeably better from other generations.

Exp when catching
Exp Share being a key item
Diagonal movement
Character customisation
Always online
Quick save time
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#116legaultalPosted 10/12/2013 5:49:44 PM
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#117The_AlycatPosted 10/12/2013 8:32:47 PM
I got Pokemon Y for no money out of pocket, it's great.
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#118FvPPosted 10/12/2013 9:26:32 PM
God Bless quick save times

Does that include logging into the PC then saving?
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#119DarkEspeon996Posted 10/13/2013 12:04:41 AM
The rollerskates takes some getting used to.
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#120razoreyePosted 10/13/2013 1:50:28 AM
Yeah the skating's a little odd, but the fast saves are so much better. This exp share business is a little odd, I usually only use that thing to catch up one low level so the exp all deal isn't really needed.
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