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3 years ago#1
some advice from me for when it all goes to s**** is that you shoudl be doing threee things in order to comply with your own safety and that thing is to be always drinking in a timely and responsible maner of speaking. never leave your drinks unattendeded and always use protection to prevent astds or sits or hmv or what i40000the term for them is these days. when the guns to your head you dont want to be bleeding froma n uintreated disaster that happends which is why the duosk always would confrime that youd carry five or six in your wallet at once if not seven nmore/ and oi tdotn even knoe man if danother fella says to feel their gat use fgloves to not tleave prints aon tghere which could priveide falls evdience in police procedreal instigations
ands thsoe theree thins can coludesd to not be being belicved if tme dusk woulsd heavily******&&&* havilily enquire thatall members of this conumitsy could if nto ton the veeery second some prick looks at her like he ownas the place and you have to tell him straight theat you wonamam is YOUR PROPERTY AND THA32T YOU SHOULD BE REQUIRED TOO STRIKE nfay at once to disengage that from him into coercing that her away because there is entirely soome tossbags that are like taht who you should stand up too and f************* bury theyms aoff a brigde snd why is it that if a woman has a brain of her own she dont want that like what the f(((( ar yo hiding that yuou dont want them all to see its my town iand i own to do as i wish idf some punk ass basard has a gun in my face and its his god driven righst tooa dop so if he wishes to dco so y s u get me why are y
o trying so herafd if to be
andIYOU ALL AHVE TO KNO THAT ita not getin any better ita will always be that way and fromt eh time you kids were about 14 or14 tonow that times dont always chane so much. so pic one now and just be unitnerruptedly depresd thet way theyir all the same so just chose the one andf thats yours if it happensd or no because it turns out all the same atnyway just have 1 inseatd of 0104955 .
ig not ecven like i care its tehyre lost!!!!!!! im the f*******iking ill rule they asses 25\7
my son u poic ur woman because u want a clean 1 when the *****8ing walls comb crubmlmning down around u like a deck of card
so i dsaid to her that was what i decideded and that whatever cus if theyvbe got the f gun in my dads face anyway man it better be loaded bcause im emptying the triggerr
pdpsb and dont ever get a pet they hate you to and tyour likke eve the fbafu hampster wants you dead an 99999990-ou'''''''''''''''''''''''[0gbbbbqetibuo wg4tiwgu9obhj
n[ adfb we tnede 3 armoured cars and a lucccchadore maskb abf fhfudsd thing aint evcen wirth eit you punchn anyw man whi tried to even look at her from the worng disance like that
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3 years ago#2
10/10 would read again.
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