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media's obamacare poster boy, who worked for obama, hasn't even enrolled yet

#1WordPressPosted 10/4/2013 1:26:32 PM
it shouldn't be a surprise to any rational mind that the mainstream media is in the tank for leftists.

when obama volunteer chad henderson went to the media to tell his "success" story in getting health insurance through obamacare, the media jumped the shark in excitement and in hopes of portraying the law as great.

the reality is that obamacare isn't ready for prime time. leftists call problems with the launch "glitches," but the truth is that it's a sign of unpreparedness. the obama-loving media celebrated chad henderson, who, as we now know, didn't even purchase insurance through the program yet. the mainstream media couldn't even bother to do its own research.

obamacare is not ready nor is it a good law. stand with the republicans to 1) either give americans the same 1-year delay obama gave to corporations or defund it altogether, 2) get rid of obamacare exemptions for congress, and 3) get government out of healthcare.