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hey nebs

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2 years ago#1
What is this
2 years ago#2
Good times.
2 years ago#3
a time when PDPSBers were oppressed by snitch culture and pseudo-mod shills

the darkness only tempered the PDPSB's collective resolve, strengthening all of us and bringing us all to the light
2 years ago#4
Yeah. I keep finding boards with your posts. I found that one before I got purged and I forgot to ask you about it
2 years ago#5
that board used to be a hangout for cool people until this one pain in the ass mod decided to stalk all the users :x

also did you get to see the one referencing that one doujin (before it got modded due to this site's fascism and intolerance for incest)

that thread was totally legit, man
2 years ago#6
>_>, maybe

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