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Pokemon Black/White Social

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do you think that reshiram gets embarrassed (Archived)NebulaBlue76/7 12:15PM
Congrats, Kyu! (Archived)fight_or_flight26/5 7:37AM
a kid from pallet town with a brand new world to see (Archived)NebulaBlue35/15 3:14PM
I love you! (Archived)
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Dragon Angel X2145/13 1:09PM
zapdos > articuno > moltres (Archived)NebulaBlue64/26 5:47PM
Any of y'all have PS4? (Archived)fight_or_flight74/26 12:52PM
Record Store Day (Archived)IraEskins44/19 11:10AM
Damn, the board is empty. Boost activity with a music thread. (Archived)
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brawl__08204/16 7:06PM
Skype Group (Archived)
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Pororocoian264/10 8:36PM
i was playing pokemon and this happened (Archived)NebulaBlue44/6 7:09PM
new at topic title thread poll thread topic (Poll)DiabIo54/5 1:29PM
Adventure Time with Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. (Archived)
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DiabIo5004/3 8:23PM
Whoa!!!! (Archived)Metua34/1 6:11PM
How do you feel about Israel? (Archived)
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Purugly263/30 5:38AM
need to move some pokemon from pokemon diamond to pokemon black but need help (Archived)ria_tan23/22 9:32PM
can any one hold a few pokes b4 i delete my saved file till my new file can trad (Archived)Brian_the_brave33/13 7:42PM
Attn: IraEskins (Archived)fight_or_flight72/26 6:04PM
Four-Color Fun (Archived)
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IraEskins202/26 5:38PM
ATTN: bralw (Archived)
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lightning_deity142/23 5:46AM
i found a shiny! (Archived)NebulaBlue22/21 6:16PM