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Pokemon Black/White Social

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If you are wondering about the user 'Carlo Aquino'. (Archived)FullOfLove412/6 6:56AM
Looking for a good replacement! (Archived)ArtishGamer712/5 2:09PM
Help me save Pokemon Dream World! (Archived)Simba Jones112/4 8:44PM
The PBWSB lounge topic (Archived)
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lightning_deity1712/4 12:03AM
List all the gaming devices you've ever owned. (Archived)
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colormecrazy2512/2 5:35PM
Obligatory "What did you get?" post (Archived)fight_or_flight311/29 3:31PM
Random corrupt-a-wish (Archived)
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BladeManEXE101111/29 1:09AM
do any of you know the name of yonic boom's cat (Archived)lightning_deity411/25 5:36PM
Adventure Time with Xavier and Serena. (Adventure Time #35) (Archived)
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DiabIo50011/13 11:45PM
Hello Everybody :) (Archived)Amoxicillin_411/13 3:00PM
Looks like there won't be an X/Y social board. (Archived)
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Metua7811/11 9:20PM
Moody Smeargle made the guy rage quit :) (Archived)RPGgamemaster6311/4 1:47PM
i am leaving for a unknown period of time (Archived)
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lightning_deity1111/2 3:11PM
It's that time of the year again. I've moved to a new appartment. (Archived)IrishMercenary711/2 12:35PM
Brony Club (Archived)psychcmaster710/27 7:13PM
What's your team? (Archived)
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The_Alycat1610/24 6:36AM
Where is the x/y social board (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger610/22 4:40PM
Sooo tomorrow morning. What happens, exactly? (Archived)fight_or_flight410/22 4:28PM
joke club (Archived)
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psychcmaster1410/21 1:15PM
Breaking Bad is nowhere near as good as everyone makes it out to be (Archived)colormecrazy1010/20 7:57AM