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Pokemon Black/White Social

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If you don't think Kanye West is a genius, I don't think we can be friends. (Archived)
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Let's be friends :) (Archived)Donniedonz310/11/2013
Question about Burn and Swords Dance (Archived)chunkyshtew410/10/2013
new /at/ topic title thread poll (Poll)
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GTS Team (3v3) Construction Discussion/Help (Archived)chunkyshtew110/10/2013
Adventure Time with Junpei and Yukari. (Adventure Time #34) (Archived)
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media's obamacare poster boy, who worked for obama, hasn't even enrolled yet (Archived)WordPress110/4/2013
I always thought it was funny that (Archived)b1gnate78510/2/2013
I like how I was going to start a creepypasta/ARG yesterday (Archived)kirbydude385210/1/2013
first (Archived)kirbydude38539/29/2013
Join avenue names? (Archived)novs12329/22/2013
Become addicted. Don't regret it. (Archived)ghj139/20/2013
So Allen is forcing us to change from throwback mode to v13 (Archived)colormecrazy69/20/2013
hey psbdsb (Archived)Jubilation_Lee29/19/2013
i got banned from playing video games this week (Archived)NebulaBlue99/19/2013
I have so many questions for all of you (Archived)
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*^*"The Shinies" Two Thousand and Thirteen edition! V.156*^* (Archived)
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I need some starters (Archived)Zero_Blast01229/7/2013
help. need to know what pokemon are the easiest to raise (Archived)psychcmaster109/6/2013
Let's post all the characters who got f***ed over this Character Battle (Archived)
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