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Dragon Friend Safari! (Sliggoo, Gabite, and Noibat)

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User Info: manzanom82

3 years ago#1
Noibat is the rare one.

Post your FCs and I'll try to add everyone! Thanks!
FC: 3668-8391-6280 - Add me!

User Info: An_Azerius

3 years ago#2
Added, 2680-9703-5796

User Info: alphame4

3 years ago#3
Added please add me :)
Steam: Spacerik | PSN: Spacemooncow | Wii U: the-fiend | 3DS: 4296 - 2991 - 9745 | RoboWalrus | XBL: cannon fodderr

User Info: SkittyOnWailord

3 years ago#4
Mine's 1134-7464-7743. Thanks. :)
I'm here! I'm furry! I'll try not to shed! =^_^=

User Info: Nikovic

3 years ago#5
Fc is 4398-9547-6929

User Info: pokemans92

3 years ago#6
Added you
3DS: 2208-5702-4975

User Info: malcaor2

3 years ago#7
My FC is in my sig
3DS FC : 0404-6247-4533 Name Malcaor

User Info: UnicornPow3r

3 years ago#8
Add me, please! :)

Thanks a bunch to shastacollege22 for Green Liquid Metal Weapon skin set for Gears of War 3. You are the man!

User Info: mdiaz3rd

3 years ago#9
please add me
Friend Code| 4270-1193-6428

User Info: Pentao

3 years ago#10
Me please!
"Religion keeps pressing B when we try to evolve." - pirategeorge"
[3DS FC: 1934-0673-9848 (Pentao)]
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