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Shiny Pumpkaboo

#1Mar123abcPosted 11/11/2013 1:44:29 PM
Hi all

I would really like a shiny Pumpkaboo. I dont have a lot to trade but i am willing to trade over my master ball or squirtle and blastonite.

If you can then Many Thanks
#2Mar123abc(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2013 1:56:08 PM
#3Mar123abc(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2013 2:55:38 PM
#4TheOrangeRhinoPosted 11/11/2013 2:59:34 PM
I have one. But I'm not interested in a masterball or blastoisite. What else do you have to offer?
#5Mar123abc(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2013 3:06:42 PM
humm well im guessing not alot u would want xd but lets see

i have a mienfoo with the ability Reckless

I have a ditto -_-

the torchic with blazinte

a female frokie level 1

so not alot really i have no shines just trying to get this for my fiance xd

item wise i will give anything lol a metal coat or kings rock with you want another.

And thanks for replying
#6Mar123abc(Topic Creator)Posted 11/12/2013 12:15:56 AM
#7Mar123abc(Topic Creator)Posted 11/12/2013 10:48:25 AM
#8Mar123abc(Topic Creator)Posted 11/12/2013 12:02:48 PM