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FT : shiny adamant scizor, shiny furfou , LF : shiny tyrunt, shiny offer

#1cotungPosted 11/18/2013 10:42:23 AM
Shiny lv 1 adamant swarm scizor with 31 iv in sp def and speed
shiny furfou
shiny horsea
shiny dragalge
shiny clawitzer
shiny poliwhril

Mainly lookin for shiny tyrunt or amomola, but open to shiny offer, i dont accept non shiny poke and only accept land pokemon for shiny scizor and furfou
#2cotung(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2013 11:01:35 AM
#3mv7982Posted 11/19/2013 11:18:41 AM
If you still have that scizor I have a shiny clawitzler with a quiet nature that I'm willing to trade (:
#4chleefhPosted 11/19/2013 11:20:06 AM
Altaria Sassy

-Arcanine Careful 31/xx/31/xx/xx/xx

-Shiftry Rash 31/xx/31/xx/xx

-Tangela Adamant xx/xx/31/31/xx/xx

-Magneton Naughty perfect hp/spdef ivs

-Heracross Adamant xx/xx/31/31/xx

-Haxorus 31 spdef Quirky

-Noibat Hasty 31/31/xx/31/xx/xx

-Ferrothorn Adamant xx/xx/31/xx/31/xx


all are shinies interested in any for scyther?
#5TheOrangeRhinoPosted 11/19/2013 11:25:06 AM
Would you be interested in shiny munna for furfrou?
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#6malulu123Posted 11/20/2013 10:24:55 AM
i have

-Shiny Zoroark (Male)
-Shiny Floatzel (Female)
-Shiny Salamence (Female)
-Shiny Gyrados (Female)
-Shiny Furfrou (Male)
-Shiny Seaking (Female)
-Shiny Toxicroak (Male)
-Shiny Pangoro (Female)
-Shiny Ditto
-Shiny Dodrio (female)

interested in any?