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What is Littlefinger's ultimate goal? *ASOIAF SPOILERS*
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Is Pacey that much better than Page? (Abercrombie audiobooks)casedawgz312/18 10:52AM
Joe Abercrombie's Half a King is solidPsycho_Poodle312/18 9:52AM
Finished The Shining for the first time (spoilers)Willo55612/18 9:50AM
What are some books I can put on my bookshelf to make people think I'm smart?
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Where to start with Michael Moor**ck?cky2003712/17 7:34PM
My read-through and thoughts on Malazan *ongoing spoilers*
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What are your guilty pleasures for boojs and or authors?WizardofHoth112/17 3:06PM
What is the best book on spirituality (Buddhism or Christianity) to read?paulo_yamato1012/17 12:57PM
I'm reading The Hobbit right now and I'm not a big fan of all the descriptions.
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Any fantasy books as well written like Sanderson?Spidey555712/16 7:03PM
Caul Shivers (first law spoilers)casedawgz312/16 3:56PM
I think I just learned in sexist from reading best served cold.(Spoilers)Hercik1412/16 8:08AM
greatest SWORD in literature? *mark potential spoilers please*
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Who betrayed the Order in Deathly Hallows? [Spoilers]
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Books that depict descriptive violence?GoodEvilAsh912/15 1:51PM
Books about zombies
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What do you think of Vin from Mistborn? *possible spoilers*
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Thoughts on the Eisenhorn Omnibus?FijiLegend8412/15 11:40AM
George RR Martin possibly announcing something on the 1st day of Winter.
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