When has the Joker actually been funny?

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Also, Joker telling a joke at the end of The Killing Joke:

Do you have the a screencap of the panel that shows Batman's reaction to the joke? I'd like to see it.

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Oh my that's unnerving. That's from killing joke right, released in 1988? Just a few months before the very first Batman movie that changed everything. Pretty cool.
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Joker never just shoots somebody because he can. There's always some very twisted plan inside his head that only he really understands. His crimes are based on what he thinks is the big punchline at the moment, it only has to be funny to him for it to work.
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You saw the Golden Age Batman Pulls Boner story didn't you? Search that if not.
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The Joker can be pretty funny when it comes to ribbing other bad guys:

*jazz hands!*

ha ha I've never read that one before I guess
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