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Does anybody else think this is gross? SPOILERS for X-Men TAS and comics (Archived)
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Caption Contest #157: Shout It From The Mountaintop Edition (Archived)CyberWolfe850398/24/2012
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an outsider's opinion of the comic industry. (Archived)campersniper58/24/2012
What is the most common mask color for Alan Scott? (Archived)philman5138/24/2012
I'm not sure what to think of Venom #23... *spoilers* (Archived)
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Who is your favorite X-Men villain? (Poll)
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Wolverine fans - you still have the older 1990s Wolverine series? (Archived)padurru98/24/2012
How much does Brightest Day tie into Green Lantern? (Archived)Bringit78/24/2012
is tim drake the most loyal of the robins towards batman? (Archived)
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It makes me sad Gillen didn't write AvX (Archived)NeatNate28/24/2012
looking for clarification on the Wolverine making the "first x-men" team (Archived)thetruesora38/24/2012
Green Lantern vs Flash (image inquiry) (Archived)Daemonscharm58/24/2012
What are Marvels good comic books currently (Archived)
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Action Comics or Superman? (Archived)
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Finally watched JL: Crisis on 2 Earths, Batman: Under the Red Hood (Archived)
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I'm looking to purchase some books featuring some of my favorite characters... (Archived)BMFTheJag2248/24/2012
Best. Comics Writer. Ever. Quarter-finals ft. Grant Morrison vs. Warren Ellis (Poll)
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Is it just me? (Trouble reading Grant Morrison) (Archived)
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Last night, I walked up to a former stripper to talk about Swamp Thing. (Archived)Krennel68/24/2012