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i've cut my reading list from about 35 a month to 10 (Archived)No_U_L768/31/2011
I love the ads in my old 90s comics (Archived)
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Since Flashpoint was announced have we ever seen Aquaman without his trident? (Archived)TheRealSBPrime68/31/2011
Can anyone name that site thaat covered the entire DCU reboot? (Archived)Lo_Key9038/31/2011
So Flashpoint and Justice League are already pirated? Damn, that was fast. (Archived)TheRealSBPrime78/31/2011
couple of questions About the avengers EMH episode Man in the ant hill (Archived)tiamat99928/31/2011
Caption Contest #72: Why Does It Always Have To Be Snakes Edition (Archived)
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What would be a good cast for a Kingdom Come film? (Archived)HEELRivera108/31/2011
So, I Have A Strange Legal Question Regarding Comic Book Characters... (Archived)
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Ooft, Earths Mightiest Heroes Space Hawkeye is in U MvC3 (Archived)GilgameshSwords38/31/2011
Just saw X-Men first class......(spoilers) (Archived)
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Uncanny X-Force #13 *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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So what's happening to Grant Morrison's run of Batman? (Archived)jessemo28/31/2011
I'm taking a 'comic books as literature' class this semester (Archived)
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Why Doesn't Batman Kill Joker (Archived)
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why do marvel and dc hate each other so much? (Archived)
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New promo art for the Avengers movie (Archived)redeemer02188/30/2011
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