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My Greatest Adventure 1 (spoilers) (Archived)soccaprodi211/18/2011
If I wrote Mr. Terrific, I'd introduce an evil version of him. *spoilers* (Archived)A Novel Idea911/18/2011
Madrox vs Havok (Archived)big fn head411/18/2011
How often does Diamond screw up your LCS shipment? (Archived)Transformers27611/18/2011
Just a few questions (Archived)Omniphagos311/17/2011
How old is Quake really? *Avengers spoilers* (Archived)ZenOfThunder411/17/2011
DC Universe Online is out free now (Archived)
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So which is canon - Gordon being his first in Gotham with Batman's first tenure (Archived)Shadow_StarWolf811/17/2011
So I am asking for the comics that Tombstone's first major story was in... (Archived)Dan0429711/17/2011
All UMVC3 dlc costumes revealed (Archived)
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the batman files ALREADY went out of print? (Archived)RoughNTumble111/17/2011
How strong is Black suit Spiderman? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
I, vamire not out yet? (Archived)Darkman49611/17/2011
I'm loving the Deadman run in DC Presents (Archived)Just_The_Tip111/17/2011
Walking Dead #91 Spoilers! (Archived)big fn head611/17/2011
Anyone have the link to this colored red lantern preview? (Archived)Darkman49311/17/2011
New Superman game on the App store (Archived)scooter2929111/17/2011
Why does Mr. Terrific's jacket say "Fair Play?" (Archived)philman51611/17/2011
So nova's DLC costume in UMVC3 is from something not yet revealed (Archived)
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Punisher Max cancelled. Issue #22 is its last. (Archived)
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