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Superman Question (SPOILERS) (Archived)NeatNate42/25/2012
What's the best Supergirl GN? (Archived)
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Lady Punisher? I think I'm in love! :3 (Archived)
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if superman's and batman's speedos offend people (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
lol at batman being the only one to smile (Archived)thebatz72/25/2012
What are your opinions on the New 52 now? (Archived)
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Who's this character? (Archived)
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I like how Armored Adventures does The Mandarin the best (Archived)
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neal adams quotes from word balloon podcast interview (Archived)RoughNTumble52/25/2012
When is the final issue of Childrens Crusade out? (Archived)GilgameshSwords102/24/2012
AvX will have Marvel's biggest marketing push ever (Archived)
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What is this boards opinion on A Death in the Family. (Archived)Double_OJ42/24/2012
The Flash is so good it makes me wonder why I waste my money on other books (Archived)
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Agent M gave us a preview of Marvel's John Carter: The Gods of Mars (Archived)GeorgeNewbern22/24/2012
just picked up Venom 13, 13.1-3. First issues I've bought. (Archived)
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Just finished Magneto: Not A Hero (Archived)DarkwingDuck1342/24/2012
It's difficult to reconcile the Mephisto of New Mutants with that of Venom. (Archived)Tirriou62/24/2012
why is superboy prime so hated? (Archived)
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Scott Snyder you don't fail to amaze me! Just finished the Severed mini series. (Archived)SenorCrohl72/24/2012
Clayface? (Archived)shockwave50372/24/2012
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