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which non major hero could make a good movie? (Archived)
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I'm so happy Sam Jackson finally lost weight(The Avengers) (Archived)ManInBoy210/11/2011
can i read just teen titans or just superboy? (Archived)SpeedDaemon310/11/2011
I think I've asked, but just in Case, DC New 52 rec's? (Archived)
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comcvine's thoughts on the whole starfire problem (Archived)
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What was the general reaction to Spider-Man: Reign when it came out? (Archived)TheUndeadKing810/11/2011
Which of the Ultimate Alliance is worth picking up? (Archived)
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Catwoman short clip from Year One now online (Archived)Navex210/11/2011
What character needs a well-done video game next? (Archived)
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Any artists on here taking comissions? (Archived)Grimeyville410/11/2011
So when're they planning to explain why Batman's back in Gotham? (Archived)NeatNate510/11/2011
Phoenix Jones got arrested for "assault" (Archived)
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does a hero stop being seen as a hero when he/she kills? (Archived)
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Cyclops 2011 one-shot: Utter disappointment. (Archived)Shinra-Army210/11/2011
Did Jason have a love interest while he was Robin? (Archived)
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Marvel comic fans I need you help! (Archived)jazvdb93510/11/2011
High moon might be making a marvel game (Archived)36Eagles10210/11/2011
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Considering reading all of the new DC 52 Reboot, and discussing it here. (Archived)
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You guys should try the new comic The Stange Talents of Luther Strode (Archived)m84m310/11/2011