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Feel like doing something different, what's your top 10 favorite characters...
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I blame Jameson for thisFuture Space Cowboy27/28 9:56AM
What did you like about the Flash pilot episode?Rictor_9167/28 9:35AM
Do you think Scarlet Witch will wear the hat?
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Hector_Sass217/28 9:34AM
ITT: We pick people to play our favorite comic book characters in Movies or TVwillblitz107/28 8:38AM
Oh god, is Frank Miller okay?
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Archer & Armstrong comixology sale 'til 8/1HBOSS37/28 8:06AM
what marvel title announced at SDCC do you think will sell the most? (Poll)NightMareBunny37/28 7:37AM
Does anyone have a link to the original banishment of Thor?profDEADPOOL77/28 7:25AM
Elizabeth Olsen drops hints about mutants in MCU
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Multiversity Panel and Map of the DC Multiverse (SDCC)
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it annoys me when writers have to give out the most generic vague answersNightMareBunny37/28 6:49AM
She-Thor and Captain Falcon turning out lame is actually the best case scenario
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What if: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 were to happen?
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What would you say are the worst examples of heroes becoming villains?
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Let's be honest, how many of you would actually go see Black Panther?
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DC Really had nothing to counter marvel at SDCC...NightMareBunny57/28 5:37AM
Do people just like to hate Quicksilver or something?
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While ultron sounds cool, I dont really hear the "hypnotic" feel whedon promised
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LightningAce11167/28 3:09AM
Where would SW and QS fit in the MCU outside of the Avengers movies?OdiousThirteen57/28 3:06AM