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Whether or not you like Bendis or think he's overrated (Archived)DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC610/17/2013
I remember the comics once came up with a reason why Robin wears colorful suits? (Archived)
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Marvel vs DC XX: Ultron vs Amazo! (Poll)
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Bendis is a genius. (Archived)
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I heard that Hawkeye has a current (or at least recent) book that's good... (Archived)
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A thought kind of occurred to me while I was reading Esssential Silver Surfer. (Archived)Dan0429310/16/2013
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can someone tell me the name of the song from this part from Man of Steel (Archived)DanteDevils110/16/2013
If Marvel did it's own Villains Month (Archived)
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